The complete design package

The design of a home is more than just the walls… it is reflected in everything you see and touch in the home. From the fixtures to the furniture, the paint colours and the tiles, when cohesive design and style are carried through a home, it really shows.

It all comes back to concept. When you seamlessly integrate the interior and exterior of your home, you protect the design concept. And when that concept stays intact through every corner of the home, the results are stunning.

Beautiful Kitchen with a long table

Seamless flow

Flow is the pinnacle of a beautifully designed home. It doesn’t just look good… it is easy to live in. Everything works together, every area and every room.

And an architect achieves flow by gaining a deep understanding of your needs and wants… what is important to you and how you intend to use your home every day. This is more than aesthetic preferences. It is about your lifestyle.

As Playoust Churcher Senior Design Architect Marielise van der Merwe explains:

My role as an architect goes beyond just designing the exterior or walls of a house. It’s about understanding the people who will live inside it. We look to understand their lifestyle and what matters to them in their home.

We think about the flow, the importance of each room and how each area interacts with the others. It’s important that I learn everything about my clients. If they love to cook, then I will design a kitchen that allows them to indulge in that passion. We will make sure it has ample room for appliances and look at incorporating a butler’s pantry. This goes beyond style, to the functionality of the home.”

Committed from concept to completion

Dining and living room area

The benefit of working with your architect through every stage of your project – like we do here at Playoust Churcher Architects – is you have access to the complete design package.

We are with you from the early design stages of your project all the way through to the completion. And throughout it all, we draw on a team of trusted professionals as well as our design expertise to make the process as seamless as possible for you.

Because we intimately know your design and have a deep understanding of your lifestyle needs, we can also help to source high-quality joinery, furniture and soft furnishings.

We are a one stop shop for home design,” says Marielise. “We do it all. That gives our clients peace of mind, knowing they don’t have to waste time sitting down again to explain their vision or things getting lost in translation between suppliers. And because we start talking early on in the home design process about interior design and function, we can factor in any special needs or wants.”

Wooden dining area with wooden dining table

Avoid costly mistakes

Too often, interior design is an afterthought – and a costly one at that. As Marielise explains:

Most people underestimate the costs of interior design and leave it to the last minute. The real challenge with that is if the interior design hasn’t been factored in early, it can be incredibly expensive to fix issues down the track – especially if it involves amending a DA approval through Council, which can take months.”

Interior design is much more than just picking cushions and wallpaper. It’s about making sure the interior of the house meets the expectations of the homeowner and provides a space that will allow them to comfortably enjoy their home.

The reality is that the simplest interior design flaw can unravel a beautifully designed home. As Marielise explains:

Take a simple curtain fixture, for example. It seems like a tiny detail and often people won’t think about what type of curtains they want until the end of a build. If that is the case and they bring in an interior designer at that point of the process, they will have very limited options… especially if they want a finish that hides away the curtain rail. That is something we could help with early on in the design phase. We can adjust the ceiling height to tuck it away and keep the beautiful design.

When we can talk with clients early on about their interior design, it also helps us stay in budget… and avoids any nasty shocks down the track!

Partner with a team of expert North Shore Architects

We’ve been working as North Shore Architects for decades. Our design expertise and our ability to help you manage the costs and budget for your build combine to make us an exceptional team.

Contact us to discuss how we can bring your dream home vision to life and guide you through the entire process, from initial drawings to the completion of your build.

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