About Playoust Churcher

About Playoust Churcher

We design homes our clients love to live in. We are passionate about good design and how a well designed home can actually bring ease and flow into your life.

When we design your home, we partner with you for the long haul.  From the first sketch to the first sod of earth turned to the pop of the champagne when your home is complete… and beyond.

Our decades of design experience combine to create spectacular results for you. And that result is a home that truly reflects who you are as a person.

A home that perfectly suits your lifestyle. A home that you have had a hand in designing yourself.

Specialist North Shore Architects

Specialist North Shore Architects

Sydney’s North Shore and Northern Beaches are our stomping ground.

It is where we live, work and play.

And for decades we have been designing homes that reflect the uniqueness and beauty of the area.

With our years of design experience, we know what works. It is more than a skill. It’s our pride and passion, and we give it our all. We lead you through each step of the process – from your initial vision through to opening the door to your new home… one that truly honours your vision and lifestyle.

And we take care of your property for future generations.

Specialist Northern Beaches Architects

Specialist Northern Beaches Architects

It’s all about the lifestyle on the Northern Beaches and having a home that supports how you want to live.

For modern beach houses, we design with The Beaches lifestyle front of mind.

When we design a home, we design from the inside out. We dive deep into what it is that you need from your home to bring ease into your life.

We piece the puzzle and design concept together until we have a fully formed picture of your dream home.

That is what we do best – good design that revolves around you and your lifestyle.

Playoust Churcher - Experienced Team

Experienced team

Luke Playoust and Brett Churcher and make a truly exceptional team.

With Brett’s business acumen combined with Luke’s development and design expertise, the Playoust Churcher team has a combined experience of nearly 100 years.

The result for you is a home that is truly a beautiful space to live in.

Design Excellence

Design excellence

Good design doesn’t have to cost the earth. This is a constant guiding principle here at Playoust Churcher. We balance exceptional design, both aesthetic and functional, with in-depth cost and market analysis. Because we aren’t just here to design your house. We partner with you to build your dream home.

At the end of the day, we are designing your home, not ours, and we want it to be a home that delivers ease and flow into your life.

Constrcution Consultants

Construction Consultants

Our relationship with you doesn’t end when we hand you the sketches to your dream home.

A huge part of our role is to maintain the integrity of the concept we create together. Even a small change to the position of a door can change the flow of your home… but in our role as construction consultants we ensure this doesn’t happen.

It’s about removing headaches for you during your build and protecting the future ease of your home.

It’s about controlling costs… all those small changes add up to hit your hip pocket. We know that staying true to the design concept is the way to a superior result that is on time and on budget.

And it’s about delivering the vision of your dream home that we talked about at our first meeting, so that at the end of your build you can walk through the door to a home you truly love.

Playoust Chucher - SEPP Senior Specialists

The SEPP Senior Specialists

We always bring our work back to good design. So that’s why as a team we are as energised designing a residential home in the leafy North Shore as we are developing a block of SEPP Senior Housing or a multi-residential development.

We know how to work with developers to produce fast, commercial results that deliver functional and quality design for the end user.

The Playoust Churcher difference

What makes us so special? Just like your home, it is no one part but rather the sum of the whole that sees us standing out from the crowd. We combine property valuation and market knowledge with functional design know-how to put you front and centre of everything we do.

This isn’t about egos. It’s about delivering you the home you have worked so hard to build.

Playoust Churcher Difference

Are you ready...

…to build your dream home? Our process for a complete home design and build has been tested time and time again. We’ve even used it on our own home builds. We are there every step of the way as designers and trusted advisors. From the first phone call to the champagne celebration when you get your new keys, we will be there beside you.


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