Maximising your land value

As experienced North Shore architects, we do so much more than just design beautiful buildings and homes – we help add considerable value to your land.

In the process of maximising your land value, we consider multiple aspects of your development project that all work together to ensure your investment grows substantially.

Working with Playoust Churcher, you will have the benefit of our passion for good design and our many years of experience in working on new land developments to guide you through every step of the process.

Together, we’ll make a great team. Here’s how we do it.

1. Feasibility and concept - will it work?

Whatever goal you have for developing a plot of land, our team is highly skilled at efficiently and accurately identifying the highest value and best use for a site.

Whether it is units, villas, townhouses or a multi-residential development, we can test the feasibility for your development goals.

From feasibility, we move to concept development and maximising the commercial value of your land.

We know you want to maximise your profits, so we pair good design with a cost-sensitive approach that results in developments that will sell well.

2. Market testing - what will they like?

At Playoust Churcher, we know the market and what makes it tick.

We know this because we engage our peers in real estate to test our concept for saleability, product offering and pricing. Our designs are guided by market appeal and your end goals… whether you intend to tenant or on-sell the development.

We tweak as we go to get it right, again coming back to our role in designing developments that deliver the results you need.

This is all part of de-risking your prospective development.

3. Schematic design - for lifestyle and functionality

We know the concept will fly and that it will make you money, so now we start advancing the design to 3D modelling. Here we can refine the concepts, combining a cost-conscious approach with our understanding of the needs of the end-users who will be purchasing the properties.

Our team is highly skilled at the detailed work required to bring the concept to life at this stage, so we can nail down the materials and fixtures. We understand the different markets purchasing medium density housing, and we design fit for purpose units, townhouses and villas to de-risk your investment.

Narrabeen - Gallery Image 5

4. DA and CDC compliance - we know the steps

From the planning reports, traffic reports, geotechnical reports, access reports and landscape drawings required by council, we engage the right consultants to get the job done.

Our strong relationships with local councils, paired with our knowledge of development regulations, best position us to handle this process on your behalf.

5. Sales support - making things easier for you

As you commence the pre-sale process, we support you with the relevant marketing and presentation drawings.

Even before the build has commenced, we bring the concept to life to assist you with early sales.

6. Contract tender - working with the best

In order to go to tender for a fixed-price building contract, we provide a full set of construction drawings.

First, we work with you to select a builder and then provide them with the necessary documentation to complete the build.

We are deeply involved during the entire construction phase to spare both you and the builders the headaches of getting the details right. By doing this, the process runs smoothly and we’re there to answer any questions the builders might have.

7. Interior architecture - the wow factor

In order to bring the concept to life, we complete the design process with the interior architecture.

We design the kitchen, bathrooms, stairs, lighting and tiles, all within relevant regulations.

At this point, we also work with end buyers who have purchased off the plan to customise their dwellings with anything from changing the paint colours to carpets, tiles and kitchen design adjustments.

8. Construction consultancy - for a bump-free ride

Throughout construction, Playoust Churcher will work alongside you in a consultancy role to ensure that all the hard work we have done in the feasibility and market-testing stages isn’t eroded by poor design decisions.

We are with you each step of the way to manage everything from budgets and design discussions through to project management. At the end of the day, we want to partner with you on developments that are creative, functional and with a high gross realisation.

Partner with the experts

Playoust Churcher has been designing for Sydney’s North Shore and Northern Beaches for decades… we know what the market wants and what will deliver you results. We know how to design for the unique needs of this area, whether that is a boutique townhouse development or a contemporary block of flats.

We aren’t your average North Shore architects… and the success of our development work speaks for itself.

Contact us to learn more about our development process and how we can help you to maximise the value of your land.


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