How to build a $20 million home


Chilton Parade was a major alterations project that required a complete rebuild of half the property over two levels, with the addition of the first floor.

Midway through the project, the brief changed to incorporate the property next door that our clients acquired as well.

The home later sold for a record-breaking price of $20 million.

We included three pavilion-style structures with bridge links to connect the spaces together.

A roof light welcomes sunlight down into the kitchen, dining and living room, due to the property’s southern orientation.

House full of lights with pool outside

Light, bright, inspired by resort-style living

Our initial objective was to enhance the original structure, taking inspiration from resort-style living while still ensuring maximum light and maintaining privacy across the various spaces.

We spend a lot of time with our clients, taking the time to learn and understand what their vision is, and why. These clients were looking for a strong design concept that would suit the needs of their growing family both now and into the future.

Clean a luxurious living room

Bringing a dream home into reality

By redefining the concept of the home’s potential, we created an inspiring, lavish design that paired beautifully with everyday functionality.

With picturesque views, luxury additions and copious natural light, this project resulted in an absolutely breath-taking build that went on to sell for $20 million, breaking the record of sale prices on the North Shore. A dream home with a dream ending.

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