Senior Living/Retirement Village Architecture

PCA comprises directors and senior architectural staff who bring a wealth of expertise and experience to a range of Seniors Living projects.

We understand the unique needs required for Seniors Living and this is reflected in our designs.

We’re considered one of the best retirement village architects in Sydney. View our projects below to find out why.



We have a close working relationship with our local councils and we understand the complex council rules and State regulations related to Seniors Living requirements which assist especially small developers during the in-depth Development Application process

Our sophisticated designs incorporate attractive landscaping, sustainable initiatives and well-constructed spaces, to meet the social needs of residents and foster a sense of wellbeing.



  • Sugar Valley Retirement Village

    100 dwelling retirement village with community facilities around an existing golf course. Playoust Churcher Architects were commissioned to re-design the proposal to create a development consisting of 100 individual houses

    View Sugar Valley Project
  • Camden Retirement Village

    159 dwellings in a mixed use development including retirement village, community facilities, motel, restaurant, residential care hostel and cultural centre. The proposed new development will bring life, light and activity to the northern precinct of the township of Camden.

    View Camden Project