Camden Retirement Village

159 dwellings in a mixed use development including retirement village, community facilities, motel, restaurant, residential care hostel and cultural centre. Formally a high school, the site presented many challenges and opportunities that the design team were able to take advantage of to deliver real value to the client and bring many benefits to the town centre of Camden.

The proposed new development will bring life, light and activity to the northern precinct of the township of Camden, an area that has been dilapidated and closed to the community for many years. The proposed new permanent population of the development will bring substantial economic benefits to Camden through increased commerce and is situated within an easy walking distance to the main street with its existing cafes and shops. Social benefits will also come from the upgrade of this site and the many new community spaces and facilities that are planned for it.

Through a process of careful design, collaboration and consultation with the local council and community, early indications show that there is broad support for the proposal within the town, especially the retirement village component. The development will incorporate many initiatives in sustainable design to achieve a high performance rating in thermal efficiency, energy and water conservation. A five star NatHERS rating has been achieved for all dwellings.

It is proposed to adapt and reuse one of the major buildings on the site and to recycle a substantial portion of the demolition material on the site. Interpretive artwork will be used in the public spaces as a link to its past history as a school and gasworks.