Sustainable Home Design

Sustainable Home Design

Inspirational Design with Environmental Sensitivity

Playoust Churcher Architects believe well designed architecture can make a positive contribution to creating a more sustainable way of living. This is achieved through environmentally sensitive design and the use of materials, systems and equipment that minimise harm to us and our natural world.

Our approach involves a careful assessment of the project site, climate and functional brief to create a synthesis of people, place and project with particular emphasis on providing healthy indoor and outdoor environments.

As part of each project we consider installation of solar, water saving and energy efficient products.

This gives clients confidence that energy efficiency will be high, running costs will be low and regulatory requirements will be met.

Playoust Churcher Architects can quantify just how environmentally friendly their designs are by using private accredited assessors. Projects are given a star rating out of 10 available stars to benchmark or rate thermal performance against minimum State energy targets, for council approval and for marketing purposes.

Requesting a formal assessment makes good business sense for our clients as they can:

  • Gain valuable insight into the running costs and efficiency of their home early in the design process;
  • Be confident of meeting the many new regulatory measures imposed by the State and Local governments; and
  • Achieve faster approvals of their project through the planning process.


Case Study - Woodland St Project

The Balgowlah town homes have been designed to moderate the natural environment in a way that also maximises the opportunities of outdoor living in a mild coastal climate. This is achieved whilst also protecting resident’s privacy through a series of blade walls and screens, which are carefully angled to guide views into surrounding gardens and to catch the winter sunlight.

Operable louvres are provided to outside terraces creating all weather protection and extending living zones into the garden. These adjustable screens also allow for the exclusion of unwanted summer afternoon sunlight.

The stairwell is designed to be a visual, social and environmental feature of the home, which connects spaces via the void at the entry lobby. It also acts to encourage the natural flow of air through the home, letting in cool air through windows close to the garden and venting warm air through a series of upper level openings. The result is an interior that reflects and responds to its natural setting and minimises the duration that artificial heating and cooling are required.

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