Interior Design

At Playoust Churcher Architects, we never underestimate the value of living in a well-designed home.

High-quality interior design underpins everything we do, and we don’t believe in taking shortcuts. Like all decent interior architecture firms, we design from the bottom up, tailoring every approach to meet our clients’ needs.

No detail is too small, when it comes to interior design architecture, which takes into consideration factors like layout, decor, lighting and air-flow.

We’re masters at designing homes that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, and a high degree of evaluation is involved.

We really think about how people move through space and interact with their surroundings. Our goal is to create sustainable spaces that encourage human interaction and improve life quality.



We know what it takes to create a balanced ecosystem, so every element blends in seamlessly.

We also strive to incorporate energy saving products and sustainable materials – working in harmony with the surrounding environment, every step of the way.

Not only does good interior design boost the value of a property, it’s often what makes a house or apartment truly feel like home.

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Interior Design in the Architecture Process

  • Interior Design is the stage four of our design approach. In this stage, all the necessary details are added to your design.

    We produce interior design documents including bathroom, kitchen, window and door schedules and detailed electrical layouts illustrating the location of power points and lighting.

    Schedules of fixtures and material selections are also prepared in conjunction with the interior design documentation