Design Approach

Design Approach

A design approach that guarantees results!

Our many years of design experience have taught us that effective management of our architectural process is critical to producing inspirational and unique design projects. Our process translates your design into a practical reality.

Our methodology involves a systematic, co-ordinated approach to the design, documentation and project management process. The major benefit is quality control during every phase of your project.



Our methodology has proven itself time and time again – we have an extremely high success rate of delivering projects that exceed expectations.

Our unique approach ensures a seamless evolution, from concept through to design, documentation, construction and project delivery.

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Design Process

We understand embarking on a design project is a very personal journey and can at times be daunting. Playoust Churcher offers a personal approach. We collaborate with you, guiding you through each stage of your project and have developed a proven process designed to turn your dream into a reality.

Our proven step by step design process:



  • Stage 1. – Feasibility/ Concept Plans

    Based on our agreed design brief, Playoust Churcher will prepare a detailed site analysis including council requirements and concept plans, to assess the viability of the design moving forward.

  • Stage 2. – Schematic Design

    Stage Two is when you will start to see your design come to life. Your ideas in collaboration with our design expertise are developed into drawings including floor plans, elevations and three dimensional sketches.

  • Stage 3. – Development Application/ Complying Development Cert.

    The Development Application (DA) stage involves the preparation of documents for submission to council. We follow your application progress and liaise on your behalf with council to obtain DA approval. Alternatively, some projects only need a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) which is prepared and issued to a private certifier for approval.

  • Stage 4. – Interior Design

    Stage Four is where all the necessary details are added to your design. We produce interior design documents including bathroom, kitchen, window and door schedules and detailed electrical layouts illustrating the location of power points and lighting. Schedules of fixtures and material selections are also prepared in conjunction with the interior design documentation

  • Stage 5. – Contract/ Tender Documentation

    Stage Five marks the final step before your design is translated into bricks and mortar. Contract/tender documentation includes technical drawings and design documents which show details relevant to construction. They detail precisely the materials, finishes and fittings of the project to enable direct comparison between tenders.

  • Stage 6. – Contract Administration/ Design Management

    This final stage is often met with the most anticipation! You can be assured that this stage includes regular onsite inspections of the building work. We will ensure the builders comply with the design documentation and we will answer any questions you or the builder may have.

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