Bespoke senior developments (SEPP Seniors)

Bespoke senior developments

State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) may not mean anything to you now, but if you are looking to turn your block of land into a real money-making investment, it’s something you need to know.

And what is it about SEPP that makes it so appealing? SEPP was designed to meet the needs of the ageing population with purpose-built housing that reflects the character of the local neighbourhood. At Playoust Churcher we combine good design with market knowledge to create a winning formula for SEPP developments.

Whether you are a developer looking to try a new market or a landowner who sees a potential opportunity, you’ve come to the right people.

Our unique skill set

Our unique skill set

Playoust Churcher has been designing bespoke SEPP Senior developments on the North Shore and Northern Beaches for more than a decade. Our knowledge and skill in this area run deep.

We are industry leaders.

Show us your block of land and we will help you see the potential through our lens of development and design expertise.

This is a niche marketplace… and we have the design skills and knowledge to make your development stand out from the crowd.

We know what seniors want from their housing in terms of features and design. We know what sells and how to interpret the SEPP controls and guidelines for maximum value for you.

It sounds simple. And for you, it is… because we are there to guide you through every step of the process. That’s not usually an expertise you will find in a team of North Shore Architects. From the initial stage of determining the feasibility of the project through to design, council approval, pre-sales and construction, you can lean on our skills and experience to get the best result.

Market knowledge

Market knowledge

Straight up, if you don’t understand the market you are designing for, your development will fail.

When you combine knowledge of the local area with a deep understanding of the target market, you will get the best results.

We have both.

Well before we started designing bespoke SEPP Senior developments, we were designing dream homes across Sydney’s North Shore and Northern Beaches. We know the hospitals, the local shops and the transport infrastructure. And when it comes to SEPP Senior developments, this knowledge is worth its weight in gold.

More than that, we know the people who will be buying your development. We know that they love the outdoors and so need a larger garage to accommodate their surfboards or bikes. We know they value privacy and that having a garden, even just a small one, is important. We know how to design for the boutique, high-end SEPP Senior market.

Planning controls and regulations

Planning controls and regulations

SEPP Senior developments are attractive because they offer a flexibility that other developments simply can’t… but only if you can understand and interpret the controls.

We can.

Each development starts with an initial appraisal stage where we assess the topography of your block, surrounding properties, landscaping, streetscape and the proximity to public transport, shops and hospitals. We then review our findings against the SEPP controls to determine if the block is workable for a SEPP Senior development.

From there, our focus is on pairing good design with ticking all the boxes to satisfy the controls and regulations, such as the site planning layout, size of each dwelling, disability access and floorplans.

Our team is there to walk you through every step of the process with our expert knowledge and unique ability to interpret codes to get the best outcome for you.

And through our solid relationships with each of the North Shore and Northern Beaches Councils, we are able to deliver smooth and seamless DA approvals.

Maximising your value

Maximising your value

With any development, getting a good return on your investment is critical. What’s the point otherwise?

We get it.

Our goal is simple… to maximise the revenue on your development. This is about creating a product that will sell well in a niche market.

In our years designing for the SEPP Seniors market, we’ve seen it all. We know the traps to avoid and have strategies for de-risking your investment.

From identifying the highest and best use of your land, to ensuring you have the right consultants on your team from the beginning, to running contingencies for possible roadblocks along the way, we are across it all.

Your success is our success… so we partner with you to make it happen with a practical and realistic approach.

The dream team

You won’t find a group of North Shore architects who know more about designing bespoke senior developments. Over many years we have honed our expertise and the results speak for themselves… developments that sell and make you money.

No matter what stage of the development process you are at, contact us to discuss how we can bring our good design principles and expert knowledge to the project.


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