Playoust Churcher are the leading architects for St Ives residential designs. Our St Ives project brief was for an extensive renovation to an already large home. Set on a magnificent 6,500m2 site overlooking the blue gum forests of Dalrymple-Hay Nature Reserve on the North Shore.

A strong connection between the home and the carefully designed gardens outside was central to our client’s brief as the site has numerous vistas from which the home can take advantage of the stunning outdoor setting.

Our client, an avid gardener and designer, had already developed her garden concept and started planting over 5,000 plants before the completion of the home design. The various living spaces were designed to have a dual garden view offering an ever changing landscape. Similarly, intimate courtyards and terraces were designed as a transition space between the indoors and outdoors. As a result, the family are able to enjoy the different zones at different times of the year.

By the time construction was completed, the garden was in full bloom, further enhancing the link between the home and the garden.

We are pleased to announce that after 10 years of a lot of hard work in her much loved garden, our client was recently awarded ABC’s Gardener of the Year 2010 – NSW/ACT.

Architecture Project St. Ives

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