Molong Road North Curl Curl

A new 3 storey residence overlooking Curl Curl beach and beyond, to the city, has been designed to capture not only the magnificent views but also to allow north light to penetrate deep into the middle of the home.

The design vision was for a series of tubes which contained various living and bedroom spaces which frame views of the ocean, beach and the lagoon. As the primary views were south facing, the floor plan has been designed to flow seamlessly from the front to the rear whereby the rear yard and pool zones are able to view through the living areas of the home and onto the beach views. A key design element was also the introduction of a large north facing raked roof and skylight window with a large gallery on the first floor.

By stepping the gallery space back from the south facade and creating a large void the north light is able to penetrate throughout the whole house. Similarly, this design element opens up the front of the home and allows the magnificent views to be seen, not only from the ground floor but also from the first floor rooms in the home. Even the rooms in the middle of the home get a sea view

Builder: Dancore Constructions

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