Playoust Churcher are proud to be Mosman architects for residential designs. A major transformation of Medusa Mosman residence resulted in complete re-modelling of the rear of the residence over 3 levels. The existing rear of the home incorporated non usable balconies with awkward sliding doors. In effect there was little or no outdoor dining /living areas to take advantage of the magnificent views over Middle Harbour. At the front of the home is a new carport with 2 car carstacker underneath

The design seeked to address this by pushing the building outwards over 3 levels. On  the top level , the goal was to create a useable dining room with a coffered and raked ceiling whilst maximising the space and magnificent view over the harbour. Similarly, this space flows onto the enlarged living area and rear outdoor terrace which houses a concealed BBQ zone. The new glass and timber slatted roof provides an undercover dining/living space whilst allowing generous light to spill not only onto the terrace but more importantly into the living rooms. This theme is repeated on the next level , whilst on the lower ground floor , additional excavation has allowed this space to flow onto the rear yard and pool. The timber detailing throughout the additions has resulted in a finely crafted addition in keeping with the scale and proportion of the original home.

Mosman Residential Design

Friday was the first time I saw the substantially complete tour-de-force that is Medusa Street.   

It is magnificent.  From the (very James Bond) car stacker, to the wonderful detailing at the top of the stairs (it looks like the support columns were always supposed to be there from a cosmetic point of view), to the sandstone footing on the new fence, to the grass wallpaper, to the man-cave/cinema-room/gym (the kids had a few of their closest friends around on the weekend to show off the new TV), to the walk-in wardrobe with (also James bond) secret area, to the wonderful water-flow out of our great new shower-head (!), the list goes on.   Special mention – I still can’t believe the informal meals area.  I was walking back from a P&C meeting at the school yesterday and looked back up at the house where the up-lighting in the meals area was one of the few things on in the house and it looked majestic.  The roof line is a work of art. 

Thank you all.”

Richard & Melissa

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