Our brief from the client was for an additional storey to include 3 bedrooms, replan the ground floor and add a lower level family room to gain a better connection to the rear yard. However , due to Council restrictions the design proposal would breach the council’s 2 storey height limit and setback controls.

Our challenge was to solve the client’s brief and also to satisfy council’s concerns regarding the non compliances with the design in terms of height and setback.

We worked on a sensitive design solution whereby the bulk and scale of the first floor was reduced by incorporating a simple low pitched roof.  Also, projecting bays were kept under existing eave line and thereby creating a streamlined look. The additional height (non compliant component) was confined to the rear, and therefore not visible from the street.

Playoust Churcher and our consultant planner met with the council to discuss and address the concerns regarding the non compliance prior to preparing the full DA plans. By working through their concerns and explaining how the design solution minimised building bulk and overshadowing to neighbouring properties, we were able to obtain a pre-DA, in principle approval for the scheme. This meant when the actual DA was lodged it was supported and approved by council in less than 8 weeks.

Cremorne - Home Design

“Playoust Churcher provided us with excellent support and advice to design a home that matched my family needs not only now but for the next 20 years. We ended up with not only a beautiful home but a home that really suits how we live. They also successfully negotiated a complex council process seamlessly”


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