Luxury Home Designs: Single Residential

Playoust Churcher Architects have been designing luxury homes on the North Shore for over 50 years. Having worked closely with council’s such as Ku-ring-Gai, Hornsby, Willoughby, Mosman, North Sydney, Manly, Warringah and Pittwater the office is well versed in the local planning controls in these areas.

Based on our extensive experience, Playoust Churcher Architects is able to quickly identify these controls and how they apply to each project. For example, Ku-ring-gai Council has a strong focus on maintaining the landscape amenity whilst Willoughby, Manly and Mosman have a strong focus on amenities such as protection of views and view sharing.


We are experienced in the Conservation Areas within Mosman and North Sydney councils, which have specific controls. These luxurious designs require sensitivity to the scale and detail of each project, whilst also creating spaces that reflect today’s lifestyle.

Designing homes on the Northern Beaches brings another set of challenges due to the topography, which is generally steep. The key issues when designing houses in these areas are view protection, bulk and scale of the home and floor plan – areas that Playoust Churcher Architects are well versed in due to our extensive experience.

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