A small unit development consisting of 4 x 1 bedroom units has been transformed into a luxurious development in Queenscliff. By adding another storey to the existing building the 1 bedroom units have now become 2 storey 3 bedroom maisonette style apartments with magnificent views towards the ocean and beach

To achieve the extra storey , the challenge was to integrate the additions skilfully via a sculptured roof form. Clever design elements such as angled roof lines help address view loss and decrease the buildings bulk whilst creating an exciting internal spatial dynamic for the apartments

The design was supported by council and DA approval was granted in approximately 3 months



“You re-developed a Queenscliff unit block for us. You designed a fantastic looking building with an additional room in a roof concept that was technically a floor higher than was allowed. Warringah council staff agreed that if you could design something with architectural merit they would consider it. When we had a pre DA meeting , our consultant planner was not at all confident but the council staff simply reacted by saying it looked fantastic. We had no complaints from neighbors on view loss and it sailed straight through Council. Equally impressive is we had 4 individual unrelated unit owners and you and your staff impressed all four. There was never a query from any of them when it came time to pay the invoices”

Scott, Queenscliff

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