Building your forever home

Building your forever home

You need your dream home to be as functional as it is beautiful, an extension of you as a person.

At every step in the process we are there to make that happen.

From our very first meeting to those first steps you take into your brand new home, we are beside you with a panel of designers and experts.

We are more than architects.

We are the guardians who will take your dream home and make it a reality.

1. Feasibility & Design Concept

What does your dream home look like? How do you want it to make you feel? How do you want your home to work for you?

It is our job to uncover this… and then start to bring your dream to life. We will listen as you talk about the details such as where the kids will hang their bags or where the drying room will be.

1.Feasibility & Design Concept

This ensures we build a home that matches your lifestyle.

We also take care of assessing your vision within the bounds of your land and council regulations. At this stage we look at:

  • particular zoning requirements for your land, such as heritage or bushfire requirements
  • identifying any risks associated with your design vision
  • meeting with council for a pre-DA if we have any concerns

And because we know how important budgets are, we do a robust cost analysis to ensure your dream can be achieved within your budget. This market analysis also ensures the future saleability of your home to protect your investment.

And then – what you have been dreaming of – we present you with the pencil sketch concepts so you can interact with the elements to create your own revolving puzzle.

Remember – there is no single answer to designing your dream home! You can rest assured that the sketches we show you in this initial stage will spring to life throughout the process.

2. Schematic Design

You love the concept and we know we can make it work! Next, we proceed to the 3D modelling.

We will show you fly-throughs of your home on the screen so you can envisage what it will be like to open the front door of your home and walk into a space that is designed specifically for your needs.

2. Schematic Design

We refine as we go, reinforcing your vision for a home that brings ease and flow into your life. With our 3D modelling we can delve into the finer details such as:

  • the materials you plan to use in your home from kitchen benchtops to interior panelling
  • the size of your wardrobes
  • the fixtures and fittings you will use throughout your home

Throughout this process we continue with cost analysis to ensure any changes to materials and fittings won’t blow the budget. We don’t like hidden surprises and this is especially true when it comes to cost.

3. DA and CDC Compliance

At this point, we take all the work we have done with you to date and push it through council to get you the result you need – approval to commence building.

We have the relationships, experience and expertise required to know where we can push boundaries and protect your dream.

3. DA & CDC Compliance

This part of the process can be a drag… so that’s why we take care of it for you. At this stage we take care of:

  • commissioning a consultant team of landscape architects, stormwater engineers, arborists, bushfire consultants, heritage consultants, planners and the rest
  • attending council meetings to answer any concerns or misrepresentations
  • responding to any concerns from your neighbours about your home and build

And that’s because we take care of it all for you.

4. Interior Architecture

Up until now we have been designing the shell of your home – now we start to transform the concept. We will design your kitchen, bathrooms, lighting, stairs and all of the functional elements that will make your home truly work for you.

4. Interior Architecture

It is about creating a coherent and consistent home. This will happen concurrently to the DA process, so you don’t lose any time in the journey.

This isn’t about cushions and curtains; we can find someone to help you with that later. This is about protecting the integrity of your home design concept.

We have listened to your lifestyle requirements and built a solid understanding of who you are. It is about maintaining the flow of your home from the front steps through to the placement of the tap above the bath. It all matters.

5. Contract Tender

It’s almost ‘go time’ on your dream home build… you just need to find the right builder.

We will bring together a panel of builders so you can select the right one for you.

We will manage:

5. Contract Tender
  • the contract and inclusions, so nothing is missed
  • ensuring the pricing is matched to the specs to avoid surprises along the way
  • technical drawings so the builder can get the job done

The choice of builder will be up to you – because it is your home – but you will have our expertise to lean on to make that process a simple one.

6. Design Management

Do you remember the drawings you fell in love with at the beginning of this process?

This final stage ensures that the house you build is every bit as much your dream home as it was then.

Playoust Churcher - Castlecrag Project

We stay on top of every detail with the builders so you can rest assured that every element we have agreed, from tile placement to the position of the lighting, is correct.

We will be on site regularly with the builders to provide you with progress updates. In playing such a hands on role we are able to protect your interests in administering the contract between you and the builder.

We call it design management. To you it is simply fewer headaches, now and in the long run. Our work doesn’t stop until you have turned the key to your front door and the champagne cork has popped.