What to expect during the schematic design phase of the architectural process

To ensure we create beautiful homes on the North Shore that perfectly suit our client’s vision, we must strictly adhere to a particular architectural design process that allows us to get it right every time.

Our overall process differs depending on whether you’re building your forever home, maximising land value or developing a SEPP project, but each contains a schematic design stage.

So, what’s involved in schematic designs? And what can you expect?

Schematic designs to your dream home

Schematic designs come after the very first step in the process, where we explore the feasibility and initial design of a project. Schematics simply refers to the sketching and diagrams that we draw up to show you what your project will look like once it’s completed.

We love this stage as it allows us to really get creative. It’s often our client’s favourite stage too, because it gives them a proper idea of what they’re working towards and allows them to refine all the details and incorporate every little thing that they’ve envisioned.

Schematic designs are where we turn dreams into something tangible, and while it can take a while and multiple design iterations before we hit the jackpot, putting in the work upfront means we have a much clearer project design to work towards.

Going beyond simple outlines, your schematic design will include details on all the different elements that create beautiful architecture: function, style, proportions, layout, spaces and exterior/interior aesthetics.

Conducting in-depth schematic designs also allows us a full view of the scope of the project, including building costs and timeframes, so you’ve got a clear expectation of your project from conception to construction.

Schematic designs for land developments

When we’re creating schematic designs for developments like subdividing land or estate plans, we’ll also include references to any zoning requirements in the schematic design, which helps you understand how your build integrates within the surrounding area.

Particularly for larger developments, the schematic design phase allows us to visualise multiple other factors like landscaping, gardens and parking.

Whether you’re subdividing to support multigenerational living or developing a SEPP project, the schematic designs will help us solidify plans, have a clear overview of costs and ensure the project meets the needs of your end-users, whether that’s going to be yourself or someone else.

This method of bringing your concept to life allows us to design fit-for-purpose housing across units, townhouses, villas and estates to maximise the land value and protect your investment.

Using visualisation tools

Once we’ve finished creating these design concepts, we’ll present them to you using clever visualisation tools that go far beyond a rough sketch on a cocktail napkin!

We provide you with highly detailed visualisations of your entire home, inside and out, using techniques such as 3D computer modelling capabilities.

Utilising high-tech tools like this offers you the chance to have an illustrated walkthrough of your design, providing the opportunity to get a feel for the layout and overall plan via your very own virtual home tour.

Choosing the final design

During the schematic design phase, we might supply a few different design variations before you choose the final design.

We understand how difficult it can be to make decisions on something so important, so incorporating different styles and designs helps your creativity flow and consider different ideas that could work. Plus, our design team will support you in making important decisions using their decades of industry experience so you can enjoy the confidence of working with experts.

Schematic designs also support our cost-conscious approach by offering differently priced elements and materials to help you make an informed choice.

There is simply no better way to prepare and plan for the build of your dreams. If you’re full of big ideas for a design project on the North Shore, we’d love to hear it.

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