The Playoust Churcher guide to deciding on a design style for your home

You’ve planned your dream home for years, and you intend on pouring your heart and soul into the project. It goes without saying that the design style of your home should reflect that exact heart and soul. It’s your vision, come to life.

So how do you pin down your vision when you feel drawn to several different styles?

This process starts with you.

Look at current design trends in your life

Whether you realise it or not, there are multiple ways in which you express your style preference every day. For example, have a good look at the styles of clothes in your wardrobe.

Are the pieces of clothing predominantly structured and formal, or do you opt for soft and flowy materials? Do you prefer high heels or flats?

You could also look at the car you choose to drive. What does it say about your style and personality?

The same goes for your choice in books, wine and art on your walls.

All these different individual selections are strong manifestations of your preferred style in your everyday life.

Ask a friend

A clever way to pinpoint your style preferences would be to ask your closest friends how they envision your forever home design.

Chances are good that they’ll be spot-on with the home design style that fits your personality best.

Start a vision board

At Playoust Churcher, we dive deep into conversations with our clients to get to the heart of the vision they have for their brand new home. We encourage them to compile a private collection of styles that speak to them, whether that be magazine profiles, photos, materials, decorative objects or colour palettes.

Brett Churcher, Managing Director at Playoust Churcher Architects, says a vision board is a great way to combine your preferences in order to pin down an architectural style that is an extension of your personality.

“Our clients like to feel like they are being challenged in the process. We love to help them determine their vision for their home, and we love to bring that vision to life.”

Architectural style runs through to the interior design of the home, too. At Playoust Churcher Architects, we provide solutions for the entire process – from determining styles and designing the home, through to interior design and landscaping.

Let your lifestyle do the talking

The elements that shape your current life also play a part in determining a style for your home. Whether you have kids and/or pets has an impact on the design style of your home, for example.

“We also look at factors like whether you’re futureproofing your home and where the property is located. Furthermore, we ask what the house will be used for – long-term residence? Vacation home? Will additional family members be needing space? Does your family spend a lot of time together, centred around cooking indoors or outdoors?” says Brett.

Identifying the most important elements of your current lifestyle is key to finding the perfect style for your home, inside and out.

Trust the experts

As important as it is for us to follow the lead of our clients, there also comes a part in the process where our clients need to let go and trust our expertise.

See, at Playoust Churcher Architects, we act as the guardians who will tackle every aspect of the process for you – from functional planning to navigating through (sometimes complex) DA and CDC compliance processes. We need you to trust us on being realistic about your dream home and determining the feasibility of your visions.

Further than that, our clients trust us beyond the handing-over-of-the-keys day.

We keep our clients for life by offering complete solutions, including future proofing your home, focusing on intergenerational design and living, and continuing to solve problems on an ongoing basis.

For inspiration on different design styles that our clients have, take a look at our portfolio of residential designs and heritage conservation area projects.

To talk to us about styles, designs and futureproofing your forever home, contact us today.

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