Why good design matters for SEPP Seniors housing

Let’s be honest. There is some really poorly designed SEPP Seniors housing out there. It’s no wonder that neighbours object to it appearing on their street. Those SEPP Seniors housing projects have been designed with only cost in mind… but it shouldn’t – and doesn’t have to – be that way.

Good design doesn’t have to cost the earth – it really doesn’t. And when it comes to SEPP Seniors living, it’s about understanding the market and the end user. It’s cost balanced with design. And ultimately, it’s about making you money on your investment.

Three architects busy checking designs

Balancing costs and design

The work we do, right from feasibility and concept through to consultation during construction, is all about balancing cost and design. You aren’t entering into a SEPP Seniors development simply because you enjoy it. You want to make money.

And good design is what will make that happen.

We are highly skilled and experienced at producing spot on cost and feasibility analysis for our clients.

We understand the business of construction and how to come in on budget. But good design is always at the forefront of what we do. You simply can’t have one without the other.

3D design of a living room and dining

Understanding the market

The SEPP Seniors market – downsizers who want fit for purpose housing alternatives – do care about the homes they are moving into.

It’s likely they are moving from a family home of many years, looking to retain some cash from the sale of that home to support them into their retirement.

These people don’t want to sit between four beige walls for the rest of their lives.

They want a home they can be proud of, just as they were proud of the family home they are leaving. Good design matters to them… and it is something they are prepared to pay for.

3D design of multiple home

Respecting the landscape

When residents discover that a SEPP Seniors living development is going in next to them, their reaction isn’t usually a positive one. They don’t want an ugly development ruining the appeal of their street. Who would?

But good design ensures that developments respect the landscape around them.

It respects the neighbouring houses and in no way detracts from the value of the street. Good design serves to enhance the surrounds – and in doing so removes some of the inevitable objections that will come up.

3D design of modern houses

Higher gross realisation

We are specialists in knowing the highest and best use for a plot of land… partnered with good design, the result is a higher gross realisation for you. Good design sells. We’ve seen it time and time again. This is a booming market and we are at the cutting edge.

We are passionate about seeing well designed alternative living options in the community for seniors.

Our expertise as architects who truly care about the designs we produce and getting outcomes for our clients has seen us become the SEPP Seniors living experts in NSW. We know development. We know construction. And we know design – it’s a triple threat that brings the results.

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