The essential guide to a successful home extension

Home extensions are an efficient method of adding both space and value to an existing home.

Whether you’re looking to expand for a growing family or considering subletting any additional space as an investment, consider the best way to execute a successful home extension plan. Having a clear plan and guidance can help you ensure you’re on track with costs and time, avoiding delays or overspending.

Room in renovation in elegant apartment for relocation with paint bucket and Flattened drywall walls

Define your goals and requirements

We love the enthusiasm that comes with the promise of a brand-new architectural project. However, getting too carried away with the dream before considering the realities is a fast way to project failure.

So, before you do anything, consider your goals for the extension and any specific requirements.

Ask yourself what you want to achieve with the extension. You might have a general idea, like needing more space or maximising your land value, but the more specific you can be, the better your project will turn out.

Instead of “needing more space,” consider what that space is. Your goal might then become “I need more bedrooms to house my growing family,” or “We’d like an extra bathroom with a double shower and vanity,” or even “I want to add extra accommodation on my property to provide a living area for family and friends to stay with us.”

Get realistic about your budget

Now for the not-so-fun part. Thinking about budgets might quickly put a dampener on your dream build, but working with architectural experts is vital in a cost-effective approach.

Consider all the different areas your budget will need to extend to, including construction, materials, permits, labour and everything in between.

When we partner with clients to design their dream homes, we provide as much information about likely costs as possible, and aim to support their budgets as best we can.

There are plenty of myths about the cost of architectural support, so don’t think it’s out of your price range. Often, going at it alone can cost you more in the long run.

Research relevant zoning and regulations

Nothing halts a building plan faster than zoning and regulation issues.

If you aren’t clear on essential factors such as building codes or planning permits, you can find yourself in hot water with the local council – especially if your plan involves a conservation building, as these can have very stringent requirements.

Experts like Playoust Churcher support you with understanding and achieving council approval and the DA process.

We endeavour to make the process streamlined and as simple as possible.

Schematic concepts and design

We provide a complete schematic concept in the design phase, incorporating clever technology like 3D modelling and virtual reality to make your plan as close to perfect as possible.

Crucial to home extensions, the schematic design phase is where we can ensure seamless integration with the rest of the home.

Development approval

Once you are happy with the schematic design, we prepare all the architectural documentation required by the Council, as well as liaise with a variety of external consultants to provide the reports necessary for Development Application Approval.

We also negotiate with the Council (if required) to ensure you have the best chance of getting Development Approval for your project.

Male worker makes measurements and installing new wooden laminate flooring.

Choose your professional support carefully

Choosing professionals who really get what you’re going for can make all the difference in construction, interior design or landscaping.

We have a list of professionals we have worked with on past projects who we trust to have the necessary vision, skills and expertise to bring even the most challenging briefs to life.

Couple make their dreams of building their own home come true visiting house under construction

It's go time!

Once you’ve planned, designed and received development approval, and have a team of supportive professionals around you, it’s time to begin building!

As part of our comprehensive architectural design process, we work as construction and project managers to support you every step of the way to see your dream come to life.

If you’ve got an idea for home alterations or additions, we’d love to hear it.

Contact us today to discuss how we can work together to build your successful home extension!


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