Multi Residential Architecture

Posted on 23 March, Wednesday

multi residential architecture, multi family houses

With more and more families realising that the detached family home dream is out of their reach, many are opting for more reasonably priced terrace houses and multi-residential homes. Not only are these options still spacious enough for a family, they still come with the benefits of (small) backyards and carports, unlike many apartments. They can take several forms and are often found in family-friendly suburbs on leafy streets, where access to amenities is high and schools are a plenty.

So if you’re at your wits end trying to save for a detached family home, perhaps you should consider a multi residential home? Here are some of the pros of opting for this style:


Because a multi residential home is set up in a similar fashion to an apartment block, you will find electricity and gas bills may be reduced, particularly due to the smaller size of your home. You’ll also find cleaning, or paying a cleaner, costs less in both time and money and you may even be able to sell several of your belongings, as smaller spaces require less belongings. This can be a bit of a shock to the system when you first downsize, but once settled, most people wonder why they were so worried in the first place! Smaller spaces force families to spend more time together and that’s something you definitely won’t regret when your kids move out of home.

Safe spaces for children

Still dreaming of a backyard? It’s hard to give up on a space where you created many of your fondest memories as a child, but while you may wish for a large outdoor area, your kids are bound to be thrilled with any space where they can live out their imaginations and chase one another, while you can keep a close eye on them. A backyard also allows for outdoor Summer entertaining, without the fuss of large spaces requiring endless clean up at the end.

No one-size-fits-all

If you’re still looking for a relatively spacious home, where the kids can run around and you can (try to) isolate them at one end of the house while you regroup in the other, a multi-residential home is a great option. While they are usually on the smaller side, multi residential homes are designed to be spacious enough for families and often have large entertaining areas and open plan living, making meal times and family time easier to combine into one.

New friends!

Ok, this could go one of two ways – we’ve all got nightmare neighbour stories… but more often than not, having neighbours is a wonderful way to feel more like a community, as they provide a support network and social circle you may not have encountered otherwise. Families of similar ages tend to dwell in the same areas, so you’ll likely find your multi-residential house sharers also have children who are keen to make new friends.

If you’re over trying to save for the kind of family home you grew up in, but aren’t keen to take the plunge into apartment dwelling, why not consider a multi residential home? All we see are benefits!