How We Design Affordable Houses for Seniors and People with a Disability

Posted on 9 May, Wednesday

  Our seniors housing architects have gained DA approval for a development at Freshwater , under a NSW government program that creates housing for older Australians and people with a disability. Home, sweet home. Doesn’t it feel good to say that about the space you spend so much time in? For many people, their home […]

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How to pick the right architect for your home

Posted on 17 October, Tuesday How to pick the right architect

Your home is just that – yours. If you’re building a new home, you’re placing a lot of trust in your architect. They’ll help you shape and create your living spaces for years to come, and it’s important you find the right architect for you. If you pick the right architect for your home, you’ll […]

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Renovation Architects: 4 Compelling Reasons Why They’re Important

Posted on 26 September, Tuesday House Renovation

  Never underestimate the impact your surrounding environment has on your wellbeing. As sensory creatures, we have an acute awareness of our surroundings, inherited from our prehistoric ancestors who needed keen senses to survive. This means that we’re instinctively drawn to environments with particular qualities. The Danish even have a word for it – hygge […]

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Success on the Petition to save Marian Street Theatre

Posted on 7 July, Friday Marian Street Theatre

Marian Street Theatre, Killara, has been closed since 2013. We wanted this iconic building reopened, so the adults and children of Ku-ring-gai can again have a professional performing arts space where the theatre may be enjoyed by all. For this to occur, some building works must be undertaken. A voluntary committee from the community, including […]

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House renovated by Playoust Churcher achieves record sale in North Shore

Posted on 7 June, Wednesday

House renovation that was done by Playoust Churcher has achieved a record sale and it was featured at North Shore Times. The property has been awarded as House of The Week in Domain Magazine earlier this year. See the full article below:

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Playoust Churcher’s project is awarded House of the Week in Domain magazine

Posted on 8 May, Monday

One of the recent residential projects done by Playoust Churcher has been chosen as the house of the week on Domain Magazine. “The Georgian facade dates back to the 1930s, but the inside of this impressive home has been rebuilt under the careful watch of Playoust Churcher Architects and interior designer Justine Hugh-Jones”

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Playoust Churcher has completed 2 new projects


We are excited to see two new homes at Warrawee &, North Curl Curl completed. For more details and photos click on the projects below: Chilton Parade – Warrawee Molong Rd – North Curl Curl   We also have in the pipeline a new 2 storey home including basement parking and lift which has been […]

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Dual Occupancy Project Delivering Great Returns in Sydney

Posted on 27 January, Friday

At Playoust Churcher Architects we specialise in working with our clients who wish to achieve a Dual Occupancy dwellings on an existing single occupancy site . We have a proven track record on providing our clients with a significant return on investment for the right property. We have local council knowledge and experience and have […]

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Top 7 Most Beautiful Buildings in Australia

Posted on 24 March, Thursday Indiana Tea Rooms

Our favourite buildings across Australia They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but these buildings are known for being striking for a reason: because the vast majority of people agree that they are appealing to the eye. So we’ve compiled a list of our favourite buildings from across Australia. From neo-Gothic […]

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Multi Residential Architecture

Posted on 23 March, Wednesday multi residential architecture, multi family houses

With more and more families realising that the detached family home dream is out of their reach, many are opting for more reasonably priced terrace houses and multi-residential homes. Not only are these options still spacious enough for a family, they still come with the benefits of (small) backyards and carports, unlike many apartments. They […]

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