Computer modelling brings a new level of visualisation to the art of architecture

Woman with headset thinking of her own house

Designing your new home starts with a moment of inspiration, seeded by your imagination.

As the ideas flow, the options increase. Being able to visualise your ideas can greatly assist in narrowing down the options to follow the right design path.

See how a spatial change affects the light and shadows, how you will move through each room, how each room will lift your mood, and answer the question, “Will that room inspire the connecting space and provide both form and function?”


Incorporating modelling software (Vectorworks) into our graphics program was a natural choice for our design team.

We believe in delivering clients their forever home… a home that speaks to them, a space for connection and a space for originality. We champion the idea of collaboration, listening to our clients, discussing each detail and bringing them on the journey.

Man holding a miniature house with 3D drawings

Vectorworks empowers this process and binds seamlessly with TwinMotion for a virtual tour of the building’s evolution. The client can see their ideas come to life with 3D, panoramic imagery and high resolution 360 degree video.

Transparent and fluid designs appear in real time. It removes the uncertainty, providing the architect and client crucial information to resolve potential compliance issues, view obstruction concerns and other critical factors.

Further to the technical advantages of utilising computer modelling software, its advanced capabilities enable clients to visualise the home’s internal styling, colours, furniture, lighting… even tiles and floorcoverings. This level of detail provides an added layer of building design mastery, eliminating the “I wish we had” moments.

Happy couple sitting on a couch happily checking the laptop

Empowering the client

When undertaking a new home build or when renovating an existing property, decisions need to be made, details need to be refined and – most importantly – budgets adhered to. It is the biggest financial and emotional investment most homeowners will make in their lives.

Plans and elevations tell part of the narrative, but clients need to see the big picture. They need to see how decisions, big or small, will impact their home. Our software capabilities close the loop, informing decisions that may lead to any compromise.

Other graphic advancements are in the pipeline such as replicating realistic materials into the render.

An outside dining area surrounded with plants

Light as the hero

A real hero of our advanced technologies is predicting and visualising the role of sunlight at varying times of the day. We can predict how natural ambient light will shape highlights and shadows, how natural light ratios and visible spectrum colours will paint the home, adding that magic ingredient to the finished design.

The foundations of quality architecture remain the cornerstone of every approach; however, our technology enables the client to bring their creativity to the journey. This advancement creates an authentic partnership between architect and client that delivers aspirational outcomes.

Time to build or renovate? Talk to us today. Our friendly and highly experienced team of architects and designers work with you every step of the way.

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