Luke Playoust

Luke Playoust - Director

“I’m interested in changing the way people live, which is what we do with our designs. I’m about enhancing people’s lives through the integration of light and space – inside and outside – to suit the Sydney climate that we live in.”

Luke Playoust followed in his father’s footsteps, initially tempted into a building degree, before realising he was more interested in the intersection between buildings and art. Particularly, how good design in buildings is a form of art in itself.

Starting from his conceptual view of art and architecture, Luke applies this philosophy to the work he does for his clients.

It was at university that he met John Hooghuis, both a few years below Brett Churcher who Luke had known from school days. The rest is history.

Luke loves to see his vision for a design enacted and coming to life. But it is the SEPP Seniors work he does that has become a clear passion and specialisation. For Luke, it is a good alternative to unit development in terms of providing housing choice for downsizers. He is a clear expert in the field. It is his expertise in cost effective development, combined with his passion for good design resulting in unique functional spaces for his clients, that makes him stand out from the pack.

Luke also offers his specialised expertise in all types of residential projects from heritage sensitive sites to restorations, renovations and new homes. He loves to sink his teeth into larger projects including apartments, townhouse complexes, and retirement villages.

Importantly, Luke recognises that good design doesn’t have to cost the earth. He is as focused on hitting the design mark as he is with keeping the project on budget. It’s cost sensitive design and it matters.

As much as he looks forward to the days when he is no longer driving between his kids’ sporting events every weekend, Luke is a family man. With his wife Amabelle, to whom he has been married for 25 years, they have three children.

Fine design is a family affair with Luke’s father an architect and builder, and daughter Lizzy an honours graduate in planning.

Second to his family, Luke’s passions are sailing, both competitive and social (at Pittwater if you please), gardening and visiting art galleries. After all, it was art that drew Luke into what it is that he now does so well.

“Art is a reflection of society. It reflects our changing needs as people using spaces. Our life in Sydney is more casual and the climate is suited to indoor and outdoor living as opposed to climates in Europe. That is what we design for.”

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