John Hooghuis

Playoust Churcher - John Hooghuis

John Hooghuis thought he was destined for a career in engineering, like his father who was instrumental in the Snowy River Scheme in Cooma. When his father gave him a book on what engineers do, he dived in, reading it from cover to cover. He was left feeling uninspired.

What did inspire John was building and creating spaces and places. And this is still what inspires John in his design work today.

“Architectural design is like a puzzle with lots of pieces and potential paths. I’ve had a fair bit of experience so I have a sense for what works well for a comfortable family home environment – light, view, outlook, all of the things that come together to make a beautiful space.”

As a pragmatist, practicality is always at the forefront for John, but he will never compromise on good design. His work is about interesting design that does its job well.

It is John’s creative problem solving that ensures that things are always the best they can be – fit for purpose in a beautiful space.

“One of the things I find most frustrating is the effect poor design has on our urban environment. There is always an opportunity to introduce good design but often building owners don’t engage the right team. It is a shame to see so much money being spent for a poor result.”

As a team player, John enjoys working collaboratively to achieve the best outcome possible for his clients. He moved away from larger corporate offices earlier in his career because he enjoys the connection with clients and the full involvement that residential can bring. This connection allows him to create architecturally interesting spaces that have a character you just won’t find in a standard residential construction.

Together with his wife Bindi, also an architect, they have three teenage boys. John has also taken the skills he has learned in architecture over his career to design and build his own family home. A keen woodworker, he has enjoyed building the windows and much of the interior fit out of the house.

John has an affinity for the water. He grew up on the shores of Clareville at Pittwater and has carried his love of sailing, kayaking and swimming with him through his entire life. Sailing his wife’s family yacht to New Zealand via Lord Howe Island in the early 90s is a highlight, something he looks forward to doing again in the future.