Brett Churcher

Brett Churcher - Managing Director

Brett Churcher combines his degree in architecture with his associate diploma of property valuation to be the business mind of the team.

It is likely that Brett is the first person you will meet when you contact Playoust Churcher. And that is because he is the value-add every client needs.

Great architects in Sydney are plentiful, but what most don’t have is a Brett. That is, someone who can use his skills in property analysis and market knowledge to ensure your investment in your property is protected. He is a registered architect so he knows good design, but more than that he brings a practicality and business mind that you don’t often find in an architect.

Spending a day doing high school work experience with a dentist was enough to turn Brett off that as a career path.

Truth be told, the appeal of dentistry was because dentists go sailing every Wednesday. A family friend planted the idea of architecture in Brett’s mind and he took off from there.

Brett is driven by seeing happy clients that are amazed at what the team can create. He supports the team to achieve this by always taking the perspective of the client. Brett leads his clients on the exciting journey of designing and building their dream home, aligning himself with their vision and acting as a sounding board.

“It’s about understanding the client’s problem and working out how to solve it. And not just architecturally. I like to become their trusted advisor in the property, making sure they are making the right decisions along the way.

I’m passionate about making sure clients are comfortable in their decision making, showing them honesty in leadership. They come to me and ask what I would do, because they trust me.”

Coming from a very tight-knit family, Brett is one of four siblings who he loves to spend time with, along with his wife Christine. Friends and family mean everything to Brett.

He meditates every morning but his true happy place is on the sea, specifically sailing around Sydney Harbour or out with the Middle Harbour Yacht Club. Brett has also enjoyed trips sailing the Greek Islands with friends and joining friends on yacht deliveries to Hobart. Not just a boat man, Brett is a lover of fine cars, working towards cruising around Sydney in a classic car.