Belinda Miles

Seamlessly merging structural house design with decorative interior elements is what makes Belinda Miles an absolute gem in the world of architecture.

Her unique experience in both architecture and interior design means that Belinda approaches her projects holistically – from the steel beams down to the placing of the teaspoons and cushions.

Belinda is Sydney born and bred and calls the North Shore home. After completing her architecture studies at the University of New South Wales, Belinda started her career as an architect in a large Sydney firm, but developed a flair for interiors during a subsequent role which had a strong focus on high end, bespoke interior design/architecture.

Belinda brings her unique perspective and understanding of the design process to each of her projects.

“I like starting with the finished product. What is the ultimate goal? Through doing this, I can make sure the client’s vision for their home is continually considered during each phase, all the way through to completion. Nothing is compartmentalised, which means no design aspect gets lost in translation.”

When Belinda embarks on a design project, she always takes time to fully understand the client’s ideas, visions and needs.

“We use dozens of different concept images to make sure I truly grasp the client’s vision. It’s also important for me to understand what the client wants the home to feel like. What emotional expectation do they have? This impacts on so many design factors.”

Sharing in her clients’ joy when their dream home comes to life is what drives Belinda.

Belinda joined Playoust Churcher in 2019. “What I love about working with the Playoust Churcher team is the personal and thoughtful interaction they have with their clients. They approach the design process with such a high level of detail and consideration, you can be assured of an extremely well-considered outcome”.

Although Belinda is on board for any type of design style as chosen by her clients, she is particularly partial to contemporary classic styles.

When Belinda isn’t pouring her creative energy into her work, she shares some of it with her two young children in the form of jewellery making.

“When I was on maternity leave, I started making earrings from polymer clay, and it became a long-term hobby. My kids also love it.”

She sells her earrings at markets and gives them as gifts to friends and family.

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