"Playoust Churcher Architects achieved our goals and the end product was a fantastic likeness to our original vision. We found their work to be of a very high standard, detailed and thorough, plus as a team, they were a really great people to work with."

Liz & Andrew

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Lindfield – Highgate

"Our experience with Luke Playoust and Michael Harris of Playoust Churcher Architects was positive from the development stage to the completion of our new home. They introduced new ideas and concepts to produce a very high standard, architecturally designed house. We are very happy in our new home which is functional, has great street appeal (already received numerous compliments from neighbours) and was within budget."

Sue & Charles

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"Playoust Churcher provided us with excellent support and advice to design a home that matched my family needs not only now but for the next 20 years. We ended up with not only a beautiful home but a home that really suits how we live. They also successfully negotiated a complex council process seamlessly."


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Russell Lea

"“Our renovation was a two year process from engagement to completion. We found Playoust Churcher Architects to be thoughtful, creative, attentive and professional in all aspects of the process. Brett Churcher and Ken Barnes were able to take our initial ideas and develop them by providing well-conceived design options as well as recommending quality and reliable tradesmen and suppliers. Renovating can be a very stressful time, particularly as this was our first project so we needed much guidance, advice and a good working relationship, this is where the management of the project was vital. The project was managed by Ken who kept on top of every detail throughout the whole project, gave good suggestions, assisted with sourcing suppliers and ensured the quality of the building works were kept to the very high standards he set. We are thrilled with the finished project and are enjoying living in our newly created house. We naturally have no hesitation in recommending Playoust Churcher Architects to anyone looking to embark on a building or renovating project.”"

Michelle & Robert

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"Friday was the first time I saw the substantially complete tour-de-force that is Medusa Street. It is magnificent. From the (very James Bond) car stacker, to the wonderful detailing at the top of the stairs (it looks like the support columns were always supposed to be there from a cosmetic point of view), to the sandstone footing on the new fence, to the grass wallpaper, to the man-cave/cinema-room/gym (the kids had a few of their closest friends around on the weekend to show off the new TV), to the walk-in wardrobe with (also James bond) secret area, to the wonderful water-flow out of our great new shower-head (!), the list goes on. Special mention – I still can’t believe the informal meals area. I was walking back from a P&C meeting at the school yesterday and looked back up at the house where the up-lighting in the meals area was one of the few things on in the house and it looked majestic. The roof line is a work of art. Thank you all."

Richard & Melissa

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"John Hooghuis, the Design Director at Playoust Churcher Architects, had an inherent understanding of the brief, and his design created a classic Roseville family home with wonderful proportions, depth and detail. It’s now recognised as a stand-out in the area – people show down and stare as they drive past."

Kate & Scott

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"We are so happy we used Playoust Churcher Architects for a major renovation of our lower north shore home. This complex architectural job combined advanced engineering, design and innovation and a creative approach to modern living. Playoust Churcher supported us from conception to completion – and well beyond. They quickly understood our lifestyle and desire for a collaborative approach and delivered us a dream home with which it would be hard to be happier. We’re delighted to recommend Playoust Churcher to anyone building or renovating a prestige home in Sydney"

Justin & Marek

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