Playoust Churcher, North Shore Architects, are business as usual through COVID-19

There’s no doubt that we are living in strange and challenging times. Who could possibly have predicted that after surviving the horrendous bushfires of a few months ago, we would now be fighting against a global pandemic like COVID-19?

But while some industries have come to a painful halt, we at Playoust Churcher are still operating as normal.

The building industry is continuing on as strongly as ever. And so are we.

We are still your trusted North Shore Architects, and our clients need have no worries because construction is still full steam ahead for our clients in the build stages and councils are still accepting DAs.

So despite COVID-19, you can still take steps – or leaps – towards your dream home.

Social distancing firmly in place

As architecture firms go, we’ve always had the ability to adapt quickly and respond immediately to our clients and situations. It’s what comes from our decades of experience as residential architects.

So when the government called for social distancing, we instantly adjusted our offices to ensure every staff member was no less than 1.5 metres apart, which also means that some of our staff are working from home occasionally.

“With strict hygiene measures in place, all our staff feel confident and safe in the knowledge that we are ensuring their health and safety are taken care of,” says Playoust Churcher Managing Director, Brett Churcher.

“So our clients can rest assured that we are here for you at the office, and our team is fully set up to work from home. No disruptions. No delays.

And of course, we are listening closely to all government advice and we’ll respond swiftly if the government mandates changes to continue protecting our staff and clients.”

Architects at your virtual fingertips

With our 20-plus years of experience as North Shore architects, we are naturally geared towards managing challenges. That’s because there isn’t much we haven’t encountered – and triumphed over – as residential architects.

Long before COVID-19 reared its head, we were already completely set up to have virtual meetings via Zoom. That’s how we have always met with our overseas clients… and it’s how we are meeting with our clients now.

We are business as usual – for every one of our clients – no matter where you are located in the world.

We are taking client briefs via Zoom and continuing communications with council, builders and consultants… your dream home is still within reach!

Interiors samples delivered to your door

Although at the moment it’s not possible for our clients to visit us in our North Shore office, that doesn’t mean that your design and build need to come to a halt.

We are still delivering all the interiors samples to our clients, from kitchen benches, to tiles, wooden floors, carpets so that you can continue to move forward with decisions for your home with strength and confidence.

As Brett Churcher explains:

“Our clients have told us how much they appreciate this as it’s such a good to break from the monotony of being at home. And that it’s giving you something wonderful to look forward to – your homecoming to life. When we deliver our samples, we arrange the materials in the right order, take photos and then deliver the materials and photos to you so you know exactly what to put together when you’re reviewing the options.

We are doing everything we can to make the process as simple as possible for our clients.”

Looking to the future

We’ve been North Shore Architects for decades… we’ve been through downturns… and we’ve always come out the other side stronger and more resilient to look to the future.

As for our clients, it’s business as usual with a few tweaks. We are predicting that DAs will take longer to process than normal due to the disruption, so start the conversation with us early so we can keep the process moving along as smoothly as possible for you.

Contact us if you are ready to start the conversation about how we can partner with you on your dream home.

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