North Shore architects for five decades… and counting

Sydney’s North Shore is a region steeped in history and heritage… and for almost 60 years, Playoust Churcher Architects has been a part of that history, designing homes that enhance the region and make it such a wonderful place to live.

North Shore architects

The North Shore is more than where we come to work… it’s also the place we call home.

For us, North Shore design and aesthetics are personal. And so is achieving the perfect dream home for each and every client we work with.

Over the decades, we have designed spectacular contemporary homes. We have completed sensitive heritage additions. And our work has stood the test of time through the evolution of design trends.

One thing we have never – and will never – stop doing is listening to our clients.

As North Shore architects we know how to future-proof your home so it will sell in the future… we are able to seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor living… we are experts at master planning to give you options for the future… but without listening to what you want from your home and incorporating that into your home design, we aren’t doing our job.

Playoust Churcher Managing Director Brett Churcher explains,

“One principle that we really stand by at Playoust Churcher is that we are designing your home, not ours.

In many ways, our longevity as residential architects comes down to the fact that we don’t bring our egos to the table. We are passionate about good design… and when we can combine our knowledge of design principles with what you want from your home, that’s the winning formula for success. We very much partner with our clients to get the results we do.”

With you through the entire process

Over many decades, we have learned that the best results are achieved when we partner with our clients from the conception of their home design through to the project completion.

Experience really does mean something in this industry… and for our clients it means the home of their dreams.

According to Brett Churcher, this is a crucial difference between Playoust Churcher and other residential architects,

“In the early design stages when our clients tell us about their lifestyle and how their home needs to fit that lifestyle, we use that information to guide the design. Any change that is made once the design is finalised could compromise the flow of the home and how well it suits the needs of the occupants. If changes are to occur then consultation with the architect ensures design integrity.

By working with our clients from conception to completion, we are able to achieve two things. Firstly, we can safeguard the concept of the home so our clients get the home they have been dreaming of. Secondly, we are a constant throughout the project, offering them stability and confidence over a process that can take two or three years to complete.”

In any one day, we could be meeting with a client for the first time to start defining the concept of their home… preparing for documents for a council development application… or visiting a project site to check progress and ensure the quality is of the standard we expect.

And for every client, we are delivering the same service as your partner on your journey to your dream home.

Strength for the future

You can’t survive more than 50 years in business without hitting a few bumps in the road. And in our industry, economic downturns hit hard.

Our approach in each of these downturns is to bunker down, to support our clients and lean on our strength, longevity and relationships to ride out the downturn.

And the current downturn – brought about by COVID-19 – is no different. We are well-positioned to manage the crisis and emerge even stronger than ever before. We’ve done it before… and we’ll do it again.

Whether it is staying at the forefront of innovations and trends in architecture or taking our clients one step closer towards their dream home, we are always looking to the future. The history we have – almost 60 years as experienced North Shore architects – is no small feat… and the next chapter will be equally exciting.

Trust your dream home to the experts

With 50-plus years of experience behind us, we are the North Shore architects you can trust to design the home that will perfectly match the brief.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and how our team of experienced architects can turn your vision into reality.

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