North Shore architect - Playoust Churcher’s 2022 year in review

Off the back of two unprecedented years, 2022 has propelled our North Shore architect firm into areas where we’ve seen significant growth, honed our architectural skills and consistently delivered our promise of being partners for our clients.

Take a look at our 2022 year in review, how we’ve defined architectural trends, taken significant steps forward in multigenerational living, unpacked land subdivisions, set new records and continued to push the design envelope.

Setting new records

First things first, though. Two of Playoust Churcher’s projects in Roseville and Wahroonga sold for new street records over the last quarter of 2022.

These results are an incredible record for us as an architectural firm and within this area.

Experts in the architectural process

Building a dream home from concept to completion requires dedicated expertise in architecture, design, construction and project management. The process to follow in designing and building a residential home needs meticulous planning and attention to detail the entire way through.

The design and construction of a project must connect. The legal obligations and council DAs (development applications) need skilled consultation to meet the requirements. This expertise proved invaluable for our clients in 2022 as various resource issues and COVID-induced backlogs needed architectural expertise to help keep the process on track.

A focus on design

This year, we unpacked how we approach design.

Design is an essential part of what architects do and the process we follow when building our clients’ dream homes.

We looked at sustainable architecture and mistakes to avoid in modern residential architecture. We also defined modern residential architecture of the 21st century and how it needs to be disruptive, innovative and functional but can also be expensive.

Multigenerational living

2022 has been a year that has seen a considerable uptick in the multigenerational living trend. Although legislation initially led the charge with attractive tax exemptions, with a housing market at the highest it’s ever been and families forced together during the pandemic, multigenerational living may be here to stay.

Multigenerational living describes living circumstances where more than one generation lives under the same roof. These could be three or even four-generation families or ‘grandfamilies’ where one or more grandparents raise growing children and live together. Multigenerational living is becoming even more popular as family circumstances shift to adjust to socio-economic environments.

Land subdivision

We took a deep look at heritage and environmentally protected land subdivisions to help maximise your land value. It is increasingly more important to ensure that experts manage this process.

Land subdivision and building requirements are incredibly stringent regarding heritage properties and properties protected by the Northern Beaches and North Shore council environmental programs.

It is essential to consider plant, wildlife biodiversity and bushfire zones when planning land subdivisions. Similarly, the Ku-ring-gai Council discourages subdividing heritage conservation areas within the first two lines of Part 19A.1 of its Development Control Plan under Heritage Conservation Areas.

Although the results will undoubtedly be magnificent, subdividing heritage land, especially on the North Shore and Northern Beaches, is a challenge that experts must manage and oversee.

Partner with Playoust Churcher in 2023

As North Shore Architects, we are excited about what 2023 holds for us and are grateful to be able to grow our team and service offering for our clients. We love working with our clients to bring their dream home visions to life.

Contact us to discuss your home requirements with one of our talented architects.

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