Playoust Churcher defines modern residential architecture

The concept of ‘modern residential architecture’, or ‘modern architecture’ was ironically coined nearly 100 years ago.

Modern architecture comes from the late 19th century and was based on the technological innovations of the previous revolution. It seems fitting then to reference today’s modern architecture as being inspired by the Fourth Industrial Revolution or 4IR, which has been defined by the significant technological innovation and transformation that has had – and will continue to have – on modern society.

It is disruptive.
It is innovative.
It is functional.
It can be expensive (if done correctly).

A focus on modern residential architecture

And that’s exactly how we approach modern residential architecture at Playoust Churcher.

As specialist North Shore architects, we focus on function whilst creating gorgeous, innovative spaces for the Northern Beaches and North Shore areas in Sydney that lead the charge in beautiful and revolutionary modern residential design.

Modern residential architectural approach

At Playoust Churcher, the way we approach our design process is testament to how our business has harnessed 4IR and in the way our company operates. Using disruptive technology to approach each project has allowed us to design for local and international clients and appeal to nuclear and extended family scenarios. Our projects remain functional, focus on the flow of the home and deliver world class design.

The process

Unpacking the vision for each client helps us understand what each client has envisaged for their modern residential home.

Once the regulatory and compliance requirements have been determined and initial sketches are presented to the client, we use 3D technology to help bring the vision to life, including building materials, size of the wardrobes, even fittings and fixtures. This process allows the client to virtually walk through their future home.

Once we have completed the next step, which involves council compliance, our specialist team undertakes a detailed interior planning and design process that shines the spotlight on modern residential architecture best practices inside the home.

This involves making beautiful spaces functional and leveraging hidden technologies throughout the home to ensure your home is future-proof and considerate of the environment – a key characteristic of modern residential architecture and design.

Walking through the contract tender process allows us to ensure that our vision to bring modern residential architecture to life is shared with the team of builders commissioned to physically build the home. We work closely with the construction team to make sure every element of the design management process is protected.

Design Challenges in Modern Architecture

Many clients think modern “clean line” spaces would be easier to build and therefore cheaper than, say more detailed spaces. This opinion is one myth that needs to be debunked.

Although the spaces are less cluttered and detailed, they expose the materials and junctions. In traditional construction it is not critical that the wall and floor are perfectly finished at a junction as a covering such as a skirting board or cornice is placed over the joint to hide any imperfections.

There is often no covering in modern architecture and the wall and floor junctions, so the finish needs to be perfect. This decision involves extra time and skill and therefore cost.

When you take the modern detailing and apply it across the whole project for consistency, it’s easy to see why these projects can become quite costly. Look out for a future blog where we will look at avoiding mistakes when designing modern spaces.

Client commitment

Our journey doesn’t stop once the build does. We commit to our clients for the long haul and make sure that robust home maintenance considerations are developed to suit each client’s lifestyle needs.

To speak to us about your future home that harnesses modern residential architecture and best in class design, contact us.

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