Four ways your architect can help you maximise the value of your property

As architects, it is in our nature to get excited about design. We love to take a concept or a dream and turn it into a building that surpasses every expectation…

…but at Playoust Churcher Architects we know that is not enough. A home is more than a building.

It is hopes and dreams tied up with finances and budgets and a future full of possibility.

And that’s why we don’t just design buildings. We work with our clients to look at the whole picture of their home from the tiniest details like the kitchen cupboard handles to costings and affordability and exploring avenues that will set them up for a prosperous future.

As Playoust Churcher Managing Director Brett Churcher explains:

“Our clients all come to us because they need us to design them a home. Along the way, we are like trusted advisors, helping them make decisions – not just architectural decisions – but decisions about their property as a whole. We combine market knowledge with good design principles to ensure our clients make solid decisions to protect what is one of their greatest investments – their home.”

Design for multi-generational living

Whether you are planning to share a home with your in-laws or not, it is worth giving multi-generational design some solid consideration. And that’s because good design that caters for multi-generational living is flexible well beyond the simple notion of multiple generations living in the same home.

Brett Churcher explains why:

“When we first start working with a client, we always ask them questions about both the future and current needs for their home. Do they have elderly parents who may move in with them in the future? Are their teenage children likely to be at home well into their 20s and need their own private space? Would the client like to look at making money from their property by renting out a portion of it on Airbnb or similar?

The principles we use for multi-generational design cater to each of these scenarios. Essentially, we design the house with flexibility so that it can be split off without impacting the privacy and lifestyle of the original occupants.

By incorporating separate entrances and flexible living spaces and bedrooms that can easily be converted into a guest wing, separate residence or games room, we add value to the home for the current and future occupants.”

Develop SEPP Seniors Living for the downsizer market

If you are open to developing your land but the thought of development applications for rezoning turns you off, SEPP Seniors Living is worth considering.

Playoust Churcher Director, Luke Playoust, is the most experienced SEPP Seniors Architect in Sydney. Luke explains why SEPP Seniors Living is such an attractive development opportunity:

“Under the State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP), you can subdivide your lot into units, townhouses or villas for over 55s within a standard residential zone.

Provided your lot meets certain criteria around total size, frontage and proximity to infrastructure etc, SEPP developments offer a more straightforward path to develop your land than other multi-residential developments.

We often have clients who will partner with a neighbour or two to develop their blocks together. We are guided by the same good design principles we use for any design we complete and we use our years of experience to guide our clients through the SEPP development process.”

Future-proof with a master plan

“What you don’t want to do when building or renovating a home is to ignore your future needs in the design stage. By planning it all out – even if you don’t intend to complete the entire project in one go – you are future-proofing your home.”

For Brett Churcher, master planning isn’t just about eliminating heartache for his clients, it’s about adding every drop of value he can into his client’s homes.

“Stage one of a master plan might just suit the family and their current needs… but the overall master plan will include additional stages that will accommodate the future needs of the family or other potential owners.

Once you have DA approval for the whole master plan and commence stage one, the DA stays in place indefinitely. If you sell your home, a DA on a master plan is very attractive to buyers who know they will be able to add what they need to the home without going through that whole process. If costs are a consideration – and for the vast majority of people they certainly are – master planning gives you the flexibility to stage your dream home within the evolving picture of budgets and your family’s needs.”

Investigate the possibility of a multi-residential development

While SEPP Seniors living is certainly a very attractive development opportunity, that’s not to say that other multi-residential development isn’t worth considering if you are really looking to maximise the value of your property.

Luke Playoust explains how our approach to multi-residential developments delivers results for our clients:

“We never compromise on good design. Whether we are working on a home alteration or a large development, it always comes back to good design.

We know what people are looking for in a home and what will sell well. When we work on a multi-residential development, we combine those good design principles with our market knowledge and decades of industry experience to ensure developments will make our clients money.”

Unlock your home’s potential

We work with our clients every day to ensure they are maximising their investment in their home. For us, it’s not simply about good design. We package that good design with a future-proofed approach that offers you greater security into the long term.

Contact us to talk with one of our team of North Shore Architects about unlocking the potential within your home.

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