This stunning Lindfield home is located in a heritage conservation area, so finding an architect who could help this client navigate the complexities of renovating in a heritage area was top of mind.

“At the time, we looked online at a lot of houses. We saw that Playoust Churcher was responsible for the renovation of a home on the same street as the one we bought. We liked the look and feel of that home and were drawn to their heritage and conservation experience.”

This build required a lot of consideration due to complexities around heritage regulations.

The owners provided a highly detailed design brief.

The home had to support a growing family over time, while capturing important design aspects.

Completing a highly detailed brief

“We provided a very detailed brief on the design and the requirements both in terms of how it would support our family as it grew over time in addition to the design features that were important to us.

We were thrilled with the concept and design they delivered. It ticked all the boxes.”

Experienced heritage architects

With the concept and design over the line, the next big milestone to tackle was the development application.

As with any other heritage DA, the process for this project was more involved than for a regular DA. We went through an initial pre-DA to pitch and brief the concept to council. Based on their feedback, we submitted a further pre-DA before proceeding with the final DA.

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