Bringing lifestyle to the fore of home design

A home is more than a series of rooms positioned around a stylish kitchen and open-plan living area. When a home is designed with you and your individual lifestyle in mind, it has the possibility to change the way you live.

That’s how we design for our clients. When we take the initial brief for a new home, we don’t just ask questions about the number of bedrooms they need… we ask questions about their lifestyle, how they live and how their life will evolve as their family grows.

When you invest in a home that enhances the way you live, we call it a return on lifestyle. And it will pay dividends for years to come.

Designing with flexibility in mind

Flexibility is one of the overarching principles to designing for lifestyle. A ballet studio in the basement might be great while your daughter is young… but when she is older and no longer dancing, that space will become redundant.

Playoust Churcher Managing Director Brett Churcher explains how we build flexibility into our designs,

“When we design for lifestyle, we don’t just think about the requirements our client has now. We always consider what they will need in the future.

In the case of a ballet studio in the basement, we would design that space so in the future it can be converted into a hobby space for model trains or possibly a gym. And where a client is building a gym as an outbuilding, we might add a kitchenette so that space can be converted to a granny flat or used as a self-contained home office.

Ultimately, a home needs a level of flexibility of spaces. While a room may be used as a games room initially, it really needs to be a multipurpose room so it is flexible enough to be fit for different purposes.”

Future-proofing your investment

Flexibility is as much about getting a return on lifestyle as it is about future-proofing your home. If the spaces we design are flexible for multiple uses, you aren’t limiting the buyers for your home if you choose to sell in the future.

“One of our clients was car mad and wanted to include an outbuilding in his home where he could work on his cars,” explains Brett.

“The outbuilding was a two-storey space with a car lift and a sitting room in the upstairs space. We have designed the building around his particular lifestyle choice… but we have ensured that the design could be converted into a library or a secondary dwelling with a loft in future.

Some clients also want to include a home theatre in their house. We will usually design these with flooring that can easily be removed so it can be replaced with a gym, weights room or even meditation space in future.”

When we future-proof your design, you get the best of both worlds. You get a return on lifestyle now… and a return on your investment in the future.

Lifestyle trends and good design

Because of the range of work we do, we are constantly looking for and researching new trends. And from the conversations we have with our clients, we have incredible insight into how people live.

While our designs are always led by the needs of our clients rather than trend-driven, we do keep our finger on the pulse of what is happening in the design world.

“Our approach is to always consider any trend within the context of how we can incorporate it into the concept of our client’s home,” says Brett. “Meditation spaces are a popular trend in homes, but a space like that needs to be positioned in a quiet area of the home perhaps overlooking a garden area. We consider even the smallest details to get the best possible result that doesn’t deteriorate the concept.

With people working from home more, we are also looking at innovations we can introduce into the design of home offices such as Zen zones. Likewise, with home gyms, which are a very popular trend with many of our clients, we look at access for personal trainers and how the gym is positioned within the home.”

A trend is only a trend… unless you know what to do with it. As lifestyles change, we build those changes into our designs to ensure that every client gets a home that flows.

Designing for your lifestyle

As architects, we approach every design with you and your lifestyle front of mind. We are designing your home, not ours, and so we ask the questions we need to design the perfect home for you.

Contact us to learn more about how we can bring your dream home vision to life… and change the way you live.

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