Why concept is so important in home design

Imagine going to see a movie that isn’t built on a strong concept. The storyline will be lacking and the characters will be struggling to find their place in the story. Ultimately, you will walk away disappointed that you wasted $25 and two hours of your day on a bad movie.

Now imagine that you are spending millions of dollars and years, rather than hours, on building your dream home that you plan to live in for many, many years to come. You want that home to fit your lifestyle. To be comfortable, cosy and welcoming. Well, it’s all in the concept.

Strong foundations

You wouldn’t build your home on shaky foundations. You want them to be strong and solid. The same goes for the concept. The concept guides every design decision we make about your home.

It all starts with understanding what it is that you want from your home – how you want it to work for you. Everything flows from there.

The way we use the space and select the materials all the way down to the positioning of individual lights in the kitchen – it all flows from the concept.

It doesn’t end with the sketches

In fact, the sketches are just the beginning of your home concept. The 3D modelling starts to bring the concept to life… but there is nothing like walking through your brand new home, stepping on floors that are perfectly balanced with the colours on the walls, leading to a living space and bedrooms that were made for your family.

Any architect can talk about and sketch a concept. It is the talent in bringing a concept to life in the final product of your home that makes the difference.

And because we are with you through every step of the process, from sketches through to construction, we are able to ensure the concept is considered in every decision we make.

Small changes matter

We once had a client who, after talking to a friend at a dinner party, came to us to say that she wanted to adjust the position of the front door in her home design.

It was a minor change.

The change did nothing to affect the exterior appearance of the house… but what the change did impact was the view guests would have upon entering the home.

Rather than opening the door to a piece of art that was to hang in the entranceway, the change in door position would open the door to a view directly into the master bedroom. A small change to be sure, but without an understanding of the concept and flow of the home, that change would have had a huge impact on the concept. Every change, when not considered within the concept, erodes that strength and solid foundation you have worked so hard to build.

So, pardon us if we bang on about the concept. We’ve been working as architects for many years, and if we’ve learned one thing in that time it’s that the greatest housewarming gift we can give you is bringing the concept of your dream home to life.

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