Why your home build needs consistency to the end and beyond

The weeks, months and even years you spend planning, designing and building your dream home should be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

Sadly, this is not true for so many people.

But with the right team of architects on your side, you’ll find absolute joy in seeing your vision come to life in front of your eyes.

The key to achieving this level of satisfaction in your home build is building a meaningful partnership with your trusted team of architects and other professionals involved. Your home build needs consistency throughout.

Design concept integrity

When the design concept of your home is eroded, you often can’t put your finger on it. Something isn’t right.

Your home doesn’t flow as it should. And elements feel out of place.

Your architect is the guardian of your home build design concept. And when they protect that concept to keep it whole and intact, all the design elements flow beautifully.

As Playoust Churcher Managing Director, Brett Churcher explains:

“Design is never set and forget. A home build will happen over a period of years, and in that time of course things are going to change to a degree. The challenge is to ensure whatever changes you make to the design of your home don’t detract from the concept.

As architects, it is our job to make sure home build design consistency happens. At Playoust Churcher Architects, we are involved in the project from the early design stages all the way through to the completion of the home build – and beyond. When a change arises, we help our clients work through that change in the context of the concept.”

A team approach

Home builds aren’t a relay with one of the teams passing the baton to the next and watching them complete the race from a distance. Successful home build design projects are very much a collaborative process.

“The design team isn’t just the architects,” says Brett. “It’s the builders, the engineers, the interior designers.

It is very much a team based approach and each of the experts comes in at various stages in the build.”

But for all the pieces of the design and build puzzle to fit neatly together, elements of the architecture drawings need explanation and clarification, says Brett. “Each member of the team relies on the architect so they can deliver the home you have been dreaming of.”

Ultimately, a cohesive team approach will get you results that far surpass a siloed effort. There is no question about it.

Cost myths and truths

And that brings us to cost. You may think that you can control the costs of your home build design more tightly if you don’t have to pay your architect’s fees beyond the design stage… but when you work with a company like Playoust Churcher Architects, you will save money in the long run.

If you look at it purely from a cost perspective, it comes down to a numbers game, as Brett explains:

“With any new design project, you are looking at cost contingencies of around 25%. But if you work with a strong architect who is skilled in cost management and construction, you can get that contingency down to 10-15%, or often much lower. When you factor in the architect fees of around 5% in those latter stages of the build, you are clearly ahead.

We take a bespoke approach for every client. We follow our six stage process, but we don’t add in work that isn’t required. A complicated heritage project or a waterfront home with view loss issues will require more work at the DA stage than an alterations project on a house with no heritage or other major issues.”

In short: when it comes to working with an architect for your home build, you have to spend money to save money.

Beyond the build

The traditional way of dealing with architects means saying goodbye and thank you when construction has been finalised.

What sets Playoust Churcher Architects apart is their long-term commitment to not only deliver your dream home, but to offer a meaningful, long-term solution to keep all aspects of your home well looked after.

The interior of your home is as important as the exterior and it’s important for the elements to live together in harmony. The same goes for the landscaping and maintenance of indoor and outdoor areas.

At Playoust Churcher, we’re connected with a team of service providers whom we know understand our vision and are comfortable with our processes. To this end, you know that you’re working with people who have your best interest at heart and who have access to all the inside info to make your entire home flow seamlessly.

And, as soon as there are talks of future amendments to your home, who better to involve than the team of experts that has been there from the start.

The dream team

When you are building your home, you need a team of reliable architects by your side. You need the consistency of having someone – your architect – there from beginning to end to play the role of advisor and to corral the team.

That’s what we do for our clients.

Contact us to discuss your dream home vision and how we can use our decades of expertise as North Shore architects to bring your vision to life.

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