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Architectural projects on Sydney’s North Shore

Playoust Churcher’s architectural projects on Sydney’s North Shore showcase exceptional design and processes that turn ideas into statements. Wonder through our case studies and see why we are the go to architects for new buildings, renovations, heritage, and multi-residential dwellings.

The architectural process is essential

Any new home building, development, or renovation is a significant financial investment. A robust architectural process is essential to project success. It is the process that brings the vision to life.

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Quality architectural process

Quality architectural process works wonders when renovating period or heritage homes. We have exceptional expertise in Sydney’s North Shore with a reputation for outstanding design and client satisfaction.

Proposed R2 residential zoning laws

The proposed R2 residential zoning laws may create advantages for land-banked homeowners and these changes are poised to significantly impact the residential property market. With anything new in residential zoning, there are opportunistic agents and developers on the hunt for potential development sites. It is well advised to consult with us before signing anything.

New zoning laws in New South Wales

New zoning laws in New South Wales are being rolled out for November 2024, and suburbs in the mix include Roseville, Lindfield, Killara and Gordon, with close access to public transport on the North Shore.

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