The construction process explained: The benefits of detailed architectural documentation

Professional architects rely on experience and talent to truly understand your vision and create the framework to see it materialise as planned during construction.

Entering the construction phase

By the time construction starts on your dream home, you’re confident in the architectural designs, knowing your dream home is about to come to life. But the construction phase can still feel a bit daunting.

If you’ve engaged a professional architect, you can now take a deep breath knowing you have engaged a professional and experienced architect. The detailed architectural documentation is just that. A highly detailed master plan document.

It enables the inspiration shared between you and the architect’s design team to become a reality.

It is your security that the emotional journey of design will come to light just the way you want it.

The initial drawings are the illustrative components. They talk to the collaboration between the architect and the engineering consultants, designing a marvellous vision.

The architect brings feeling to form and function, and the architectural documentation details the methodology necessary to ensure the vision is realised right down to the tiniest detail.

The architectural documents detail the construction technique of each touchpoint, and their importance to the overall finished product is paramount.

More than a checklist

Architectural documentation is more than a checklist. At an elevated level, the documentation oversees two important functions: building permits and statutory approvals and the ability of the builder to accurately price the project as well as construct from.

This is a complex process; however, at Playoust Churcher our specialty is innovation in design together with preparing accurate and detailed construction drawings reflecting this design. Our designs stretch the imagination and challenge the status quo.

Each design brings its unique personality. When applying for a building permit (known as a construction certificate), it is our expertise and knowledge that ensure we present a detailed, fully compliant and thorough application document that clearly communicates the high standards set by our team to the counci’s and/or certifier’s requirements.

Considerations related to all aspects of the building design form the architectural document. From material usage, fire and energy rating, electrical layouts, lighting design, plumbing, sewer, site and landscape, design and construction procedures, room finishes, environmental intelligence and everything in-between.

We leave nothing to chance in our architectural documentation to ensure your new home or extension will go ahead.

Obtain accurate quotations

When partnering with Playoust Churcher, you are engaging an architect that has built its enviable reputation on creativity and functionality.

Our designs set new benchmarks in functional, lifestyle living, and quality builders embrace the challenge of our bespoke interpretations. High quality builders require detailed architectural documentation.

These documents communicate the materials, volumes and intricacies needed to complete the project at the highest standards. Armed with this information, builders are able to provide an accurate forecast of costing.

Without the documents, too much may be misinterpreted or bypassed, resulting in a plethora of unforeseen issues as the build evolves. This inevitably leads to cost blowouts and compromise in the design and end result.

At Playoust Churcher, we work closely with the builder throughout the construction phase to ensure each design element is articulated correctly.

As many building projects around Australia are currently experiencing fluctuations in material supply and cost, it is critical to have an architectural firm with you throughout the construction phase.

At Playoust Churcher we are that firm.

We take immense pride in partnering with our clients throughout the construction process, demystifying the build, working closely on any alterations and ensuring the finished project exceeds expectations.

Architectural documentation plays a pivotal role in this process and is the go-to document that builders, project managers, clients and the architect refer to when navigating the construction phase.

With you every step of the journey

We see your new home or renovation as an extension of our own. It is the reason so many people turn to Playoust Churcher to turn their dreams into reality.

We do this by understanding your needs and designing properties that speak to the heart. We are only truly satisfied when our client’s new home or renovation fits their personality and lifestyle like a glove.

Being with you from initial concept to project completion and beyond is the difference that Playoust Churcher makes.

Our architectural process for a complete home design and build has been tested time and time again. From the first phone call to the champagne celebration when you get your new keys and beyond – we’re beside you.

Call us today for a no-obligation conversation – getting you one step closer to your dream home.

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