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Architectural process expertise is what sets us apart. Our 6-step process avoids the pitfalls of renovating, developing or building without blowing the budget.

Major home renovations are a significant investment and doubt you’ve heard horror stories of cost blowouts or poor planning leading to delays or the need for additional funding.

Any major renovation, development, or new build is not without risk. The uncertainty in the market, council policy changes, supply chain issues, and builders going under contribute to the paralysing feeling when you have a vision and want to make that vision a reality. At Playoust Churcher we mitigate risk and find the best pathway to make your project a reality.

It is our process that avoids the pitfalls

Playoust Churcher has been creating innovative designs for Sydney’s North Shore market for decades. Our projects showcase how heritage and contemporary design can blend form, function, and visual appeal without breaking the bank or enduring the many pitfalls of undertaking a significant renovation.

We employ a thorough 6-point process for any new project. Whether the project involves a redevelopment, a new dwelling, or renovations to an existing dwelling sifting the vision through our process ensures each touchpoint from DA applications through to lock up has been comprehensively analysed, and clients are fully aware of cost expectations, time schedules, and completion dates.

Starting with feasibility, our primary goal is to ensure your vision can be realised within your allocated budget. We handle land and council regulations, addressing zoning, heritage, and bushfire requirements. We liaise with the council for a pre-DA discussion to ensure compliance if necessary.

We conduct a thorough cost and market analysis protecting your investment, and our pencil sketch concepts empower you to engage with various design elements.

Secondly, our expertise in 4D modeling enables us to refine designs iteratively, bringing your vision to life and improving your daily experience. We pay close attention to details, such as material choices for kitchen countertops and interior paneling, wardrobe dimensions, and the selection of fixtures and fittings. This process allows you to see how natural light will illuminate your home and how each area interacts, creating a connection between inhabitants and the house.

The third step involves council compliance. This can be cumbersome, but with decades of experience designing on Sydney’s North Shore, we’ve built strong relationships with the council and possess an in-depth understanding of the process.

Our attention to detail and established rapport with the council and its processes ensures we are fully respondent and have transparent relationships that lead to positive outcomes.

Step four brings the concept to life. Interior architecture covers designing key areas like kitchens and bathrooms, crafting stairs, optimising lighting, and selecting tiles. We prioritise aesthetics and functionality, ensuring strict adherence to regulations and budget constraints.

Tendering the project build and selecting a builder is a big decision. Playoust Churcher provide detailed construction drawings as the blueprint for the upcoming building phase. Collaborating with you, we help select a builder whose expertise aligns with your project. We remain actively involved throughout construction and ensuring precise execution.

In this final phase, we ensure your house aligns with your vision. Collaborating closely with builders, we oversee every detail, providing assurance that each agreed-upon element, from tile placement to lighting, is executed flawlessly.

Our regular on-site presence guarantees timely progress updates, and by actively managing the design during the construction process, we safeguard your interests.

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Renovating or building? Do it with confidence

Confidence is the cornerstone of a successful project. At Playoust Churcher we recognise the power of a well-executed renovation and understand that a comprehensive process supported by professional financial acumen is the key to turning your dream home into a reality.

Whether you are building a new home, renovating a heritage property, developing SEPP senior living facilities, or looking to maximise a land development opportunity having a focused lens on the budget and working with a firm that keeps your budget front of mind is critical to your success.

We have a substantial portfolio of completed projects, and our team consists of expert architects, planners, interior architects, landscape architects, and highly experienced project managers.

Outstanding design, encompassing aesthetics and functionality, doesn’t have to come at an exorbitant cost. Our approach involves striking a balance between exceptional design and thorough cost and market analysis.

When you are looking for a highly reputable architectural firm with the experience, skill sets, and financial acumen to bring your project to life, contact us and experience a new level of professionalism and service.

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