Renovation architects: four feasons why they’re important

Never underestimate the impact your surrounding environment has on your wellbeing.

As sensory creatures, we have an acute awareness of our surroundings, inherited from our prehistoric ancestors who needed keen senses to survive. This means that we’re instinctively drawn to environments with particular qualities.

The Danish even have a word for it – hygge – which is all about creating spaces that nourish feelings of warmth, belonging and joy. It looks like they have their priorities right too – since research shows there’s a strong connection between place and mind. Our homes shape our feelings and the decisions we make.

No doubt you spend a lot of time surrounded by the walls of your home. Why not create the most inviting space possible, by embarking on a renovation project?

You’d certainly be in good company – with one in four Australian home owners recently catching the renovation bug.

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Why an architect is important for small renovations:

Architects look at the big picture People often fail to see the impact their small DIY projects can have on the entire home. Experimenting can lead to mismatched styles and feelings of disjointedness – definitely not “hygge”. An architect has the foresight to visualise how each part of the house influences other components, which is vital to any renovation project. Their ability to see how spaces fit together guarantees a consistent style, while avoiding potential issues with future renovation projects, expansions or adjustments.

Renovating to suit your lifestyle A good architect will work closely with you to create a house that you love, by going out of their way to incorporate your interests into the project. The end result will reflect your personal taste and align perfectly with your lifestyle.

DIY renovation projects often overlook basic considerations such as accessibility, but architects carefully factor every element into their plans – allowing you to use the space as you originally intended.

Special considerations for different types of homes There’s a lot to consider when renovating a home, especially if that home is old. The last thing you want to do is disrupt the original framework. An architect can seamlessly integrate a new design into any home, even one that’s 100 years old (or heritage listed sites that were built using historic construction techniques). You can save time, energy and thousands of dollars by enlisting the services of an architect in cases like these.

The importance of lighting and texture Renovation projects sometimes introduce new aspects to your home. If you think of your home as a living, breathing ecosystem – the addition of new elements can negatively impact other areas. Adding a canopy, for example, can block lighting to certain rooms, which may in turn affect the way air flows through the interior. Certain materials also reflect light and transfer heat better than others, so it’s vital to select the right substance. An architect will make sure all factors are taken into consideration before any changes are made to your home.

How to choose a Renovation Architect:
  • Look for architects who have designed similar projects to yours
  • Review their portfolio of works
  • Shortlist at least three architects
  • Check their registration with the Board of Architects in NSW at
  • Ask to speak to their former clients
  • Be clear on your budget
  • Include contingency funds
  • Use a surveyor to estimate the building cost
  • Review the plans to make sure you’re not over-capitalising (investing more than the added value the renovation will bring)
Have you considered renovating? It’s easy to see why so many Australians are renovating their homes…

House renovations can boost wellness and comfort

Knock down a wall to create more space, build a porch to increase your access to depression-fighting sunlight or paint your walls yellow to create warmth – these are some ways that renovating can foster a welcoming environment.

Maybe you want a change of scene, without moving

Do you shudder at the thought of moving out of your beloved neighbourhood, but crave a different environment? Renovating provides the perfect solution, allowing you to create a fresh start, without actually moving away. This is particularly useful for families that have outgrown their current space, but don’t want to uproot their children from the local school.

Renovating doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You can go for a basic makeover, with a few changes here and there, or opt for a complete refit, depending on your budget.

Enjoy a more sustainable lifestyle

More people are looking for ways to reduce their environmental footprint. You can add many eco-friendly modifications to your home, such as installing solar panels and low-flow showerheads. It might be easy to dismiss such projects as token gestures, but green initiatives can make a difference. Scientists have discovered that careful roof material selection, for example, reduces the need for air-conditioning by lowering surface temperatures.

Add value to your home

Renovating can add significant value to your property, whether you’re planning to sell immediately or years down the track. Many residential architects agree that house renovations increase your chances of securing a higher price for your property, making this a worthy investment of your time and money. As an example, recently one of our clients had a significant return on his investment turning a single occupancy property into a dual occupancy property.

Are you using an architect for renovation? Playoust Churcher can help turn your dream into reality…

Our renovation architects love nothing more than getting stuck into a renovation or interior design project. We’ve mastered the art of re-designing properties to create a sense of harmony and warmth while incorporating practical and sustainable features.

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