The architect role in construction management

If you think that an architect’s role in your new home ends as soon as they hand over your drawings, you would be mistaken. We all make mistakes, but this is a big one you don’t want to make when it comes to your dream home.

A good architect will be with you right up until you have the keys to your home in your hand. And they will probably hang around for a champagne to celebrate.

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A common misconception

Over our many decades of experience as architects, we know that so many people looking to build their dream home have a misconception of their architect’s role during construction.

Or more commonly, they don’t see the involvement of their architect in construction at all. And that’s why they don’t get the dream result they were hoping for.

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Builder + architect = dream home

The reality is that good builders actually love having architects to consult with throughout the construction process. They are busy trying to get your home built on time and within budget. They just want to focus on what they are good at – building.

The drawings would never end if the architects were to include every detail required to successfully realise the concept.

When you don’t involve your architect in construction, you are relying on the builder to figure it out. For a builder, being able to pick up the phone or meet the architect on site removes the guesswork. You’ve paid to get the design right – why throw it away at the last?

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You aren’t paying twice

The service we provide our clients is a full offering from initial design through to the first click of the key in the door. If we are on site with the builders through the process then why aren’t you paying twice? It’s simple… you are paying for two completely different, yet entirely collaborative, services.

When you pay the builder, you are paying for their expertise in, well, building. They know how to frame a window and keep four walls up and they have all the tools to make it happen.

When you pay your architect, you are paying for a concept, a design and all the drawings. We’ll leave it up to you to decide who looks better in a hard hat.

When architects and builders work together collaboratively, it is money well spent. And it will also save you a lifetime of heartache from your partner reminding you every day about your terrible decision to move that window in the kitchen…

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You don’t need the headache

Trust us, you really don’t need the headache of overseeing your construction yourself.

It sounds like it’s simple, but how good are you at reading and interpreting construction drawings?

How confident are you that you could bring to life the concept that we designed all those months ago after consulting with you on exactly what you need in a home?

We have done this time and time again for our clients. It’s no headache for us… it’s just part of our role in delivering your dream home to you.

Two architects checking blueprint while in the construction site

Architect role in construction process

So, what is our role in the construction process? We are there to protect the design and concept we created together at the beginning of this journey.

We are available to consult with the builder on construction issues that may impact the design. We will ensure that nothing is missed – not a single downlight or millimetre on the angle of the door.

We wear the architect role in construction management with pride. When we can deliver you a home that you love, that is a success for us. We aren’t after awards or accolades. Knowing that you have a beautiful home that fits your family like a glove is all the satisfaction we need.

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