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  • Renowned for our inspirational and unique designs, Playoust Churcher Architects are specialists in luxury single residential and medium density architecture. We have been changing the way people live across some of the most challenging sites in Sydney since 1961.
  • At Playoust Churcher each design is individually crafted to each client's specific needs. The designs are developed taking into account each site's unique characteristics. Our personal approach to each project aims to reflect your vision. We blend creativity and imaginative design and transform this into practical reality.
  • Playoust Churcher Architects dedication to quality design extends across luxury single residential projects, boutique apartments and townhouses developments and medium density architecture
  • We have also developed a reputation for commercial excellence in the luxury apartment and boutique development projects. This has been built on firm commitment to working with developers in a creative way to produce fast, practical and commercial results.
  • We have the experience, expertise and resources to take on board complex and challenging design briefs, develop appropriate concepts and creative solutions that not only deliver to project expectations but offer buildable, habitable, sustainable and importantly, economical solutions to the medium density sector.
  • The approach Playoust Churcher Architects’ take is to add real value to medium density developments with a proven methodology developed over 20 years working on development projects. The major points of difference in our offer include the commitment and involvement of senior partners, directors and staff in the development.
  • The team selected to work on the projects are based on the recognition of what disciplines, experience and knowledge will be best suited to maximise the project’s outcomes.
  • From market research to concepts , detailed design, documentation, the approval process, administration and budget control, the project team is focused on the client’s project and its success.
  • The numerous benefits in using our proven methodology ensures:
    - A systematic and co-ordinated approach to the design, documentation and project management process
    - Quality control throughout the design, cost control, implementation and review
  • - The best possible project delivery in terms of design, documentation, quality, budget and programme
    - Proven experience in the delivery of development projects
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